CSA tell me they can take what they want

April 27, 2010

In July 2007 i recived a a letter out the blue from the CSA informing me that i had a child and was required to pay for this child.

Shocked, im married with 2 step children and 1 new born child, i rang to ask where this child had come from. I was told that i had to take a DNA test or just pay up! so 1 DNA test later, seems this child is mine from a woman i dated for a few weeks who was unable to have children! I found myself at the mercy of this CSA who i’d only ever read about in the papers.

1st i received copys of payslips from my previous job at royal mail. Then i had a phone call telling me they would take £27 aweek from my wages. I then got a DEO through the post and they started taking £70-80 a week from my wages. when i rang they said i hads arrears and they could take what they wanted and hung up on me.

Ive never had anything in writing about these arrears and when ive rang to ask what they are they seem to be unable to access them. Needless to say i had to quit work as i was unable to pay the rent let alone feed a family of 5. When i started signing on they took the £5 a week from my JSA and sent me a letter which clearly shows arrears as £0!

So again i rang to find out if i return to work how much would they rob me of and was told 40% due to arrears.. so now im in limbo. if i work i lose 40% of my wages and cant feed or keep a roof over my familys head. If i dont were stuck in poverty all be we can keep a roof over our head but have to live on hand outs.

Ive worked my whole life and have never lived like this till the CSA came into my life. And yes the mother of this child claims income support so all the money they take off me goes into the profit of the CSA. I did seek legal advice at the time of the DEO but was told that there was not a thing i could do as the CSA have there own laws.

Is there anyway out of this hell im in?


  • podgyone says:

    I would suggest getting your local mp involved immediately, I am at the moment working with mine for the exact same reasons as yourself and am hoping that because I am paying them via a standing order where I control the amount paid to them as advised by the CAB, I spoke with someone in the CSA that informed me that you could pay direct to the CSA with a giroslip that you get from your bank, they give me the csa account number to credit it to and you had to put your national insurance number somewhere on the slip, they told me that legally they cannot force you to pay the arrears under the terms that they want, over 2 years. When I went into the bank they reinstated an old standing order that I had with the CSA and of course they don’t like it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want to financially support my child but not to the extreme that I have to be on benefits in order to have a better standard of living for myself, my partner and the three children in our care.

    My MP was of great help first time round, but everytime you have a change of circs, they try to bleed you for every spare penny you have, unfortunately tho at the moment parliament is closed until I think its the 7th May, but would put your letter in anyway, I have, Good Luck

  • Chris says:

    I like you had a child I never even wanted due to a one night stand.
    I am married and have bought up my wifes 3 children from her first marraige.We now have 2 children of our own.I have been stung for over £5600 arrears.The CSA want over £500 a month from me,where the Hell do they expect someone to have that amount of disposable income.I have had to be put on a debt managment programme with the CAB so I can pay the £200 a month normal payments.
    How can this be right . I am now in the situation where I am struggling to pay my bills/Mortgage and give my wife and children some sort of standard of life.It is causing no end of rifts between us, my life was happy but now I feel sometimes I cant cope with all the worry.
    What really gets me fuming is that the Mother has lots of children, all from different fathers,has never ever worked a day in her life and she gets to keep every penny maintanence that she gets from us all without it affecting Any of her benefits.Surely if you are claiming benefits and the state are giving you money for a child you should not get a second lot to !!!!
    I want to add I have always worked and pay my Tax and national insurance to help keep this woman and her many children through my tax and NI. She gets over £200 a week maint.plus all her benefits,rent paid etc etc……..How the Hell is the right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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