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CSA taking my travel allowance

I get a large travel allowance to travel around in my job, it’s over £5000 PA. I have 1 girl and she lives with her mom. I understand that i pay 15% of my pay to my daughter, but am confused about paying 15% of my travel allowance.

It has made it impossible to effectively do my job. The tyravel allowance even shows on a seperate line on my pay slip!!

Has anyone else had this problem?? All i get from the CSA is that the take 15% of my total pay, even though that includes my travel allowance.

2 thoughts on “CSA taking my travel allowance

  1. they will take 15% of everything…regardless. they have effectively made me jobless due to the very same thing, I now massively struggle to get to work because of these assholes. I would be better off unemployed.

    Go self employed or leave the country..simples.

  2. If the travel allowance is included on payslip and you have paid tax on it-then it has to be classed as income for CSA purposes.
    Does the travel allowance include Car allowance? As this is a sum of money to allow you to pay for a lease amount on a car.
    If not then your employer could issue you with a credit card for all travel/petrol etc. This would remove the allowance from your salary and ensure it can not be touched.

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