CSA still deducting money without sending me a breakdown

July 3, 2012

I pay child maintenance for my son by deductions from earnings order my son last year finished full time education and has now found employment, the CSA dutifully sent me a letter informing me that my support will stop, however it did not, as i recieved a phone call from the CSA telling me that I still owed the best part of £1000.

I questioned this as I was and have always paid by a deductions from earnings order, so how did I accrue these arrears!!

I asked for a breakdown of these supposed arrears and was told I would be sent this in the post once the breakdown had been assessed, 6 months later I am still waiting and money is still being deducted from my wages every month.


  • brett says:

    Thats the thieving CSA for you. I’ve read similar stories to yours on many occasions. It feels like the CSA like a final payment, a bonus if you like before they close down your case. Make an appointment to see your local MP, and email him a summary of the case before you see him. Send a recorded letter to the CSA (complaints), requesting the information. Follow the same procedure and become a real pain up the backside, until you get the information requested. Also email Noel Shanahan the Chief Executive of the CSA.
    Don’t give up !

  • chall says:


    I echo bretts advice.

    A complaint needs to be clearly marked as such.
    Keep copies of ALL correspondence sent, post signed for and copy your MP into all your correspondence.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Terry norris says:

    Brett sums them up “thieves” and I as he also says….hear about this kinda practice from them all too often on here…where one pays via a doe and then suddenly slapped with an arrears from know here and worse still they give no justification for it.
    I am dreading the phone call one day telling me I am in arrears despite having money robbed from my salary every month.
    It’s scary to think this filth are allowed to get away with this kind of behaviour. If this was a private company it would have been held to account years ago and shut down and ordered to pay compensation to thousands of people for the misery and heartache and stress it’s caused and theft of hard working fathers money.But it seems to be a law unto itself and no present or future government will get rid of it because it’s making the treasury money.Thats why I will never vote again…I simply cannot vote for a government that supports such an unfair,unjust system.

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