CSA staff are so ignorant on the phone

January 6, 2011

The csa ( cash sucking arseholes ) are no more than just that. They can be so ignorant on the phone to a father who got ripped off by a cash hungry mother who decided to cheat on him and then leave with their child.

All fathers are treated the same on the phone, as though its the fathers fault, fair enough there are bad fathers and there are good fathers but those good fathers should not be treated like the bad guy all the time.

The csa staff are like robots and are trained in such a way not to listen to you and just to keep saying ” thats not what it says on the SYSTEM “, thats all you hear 3 or 4 times ! ” the SYSTEM” well let me tell you, the System is bollocks !!

Listen here guys ! dont bother buying contraceptives, just find out about the csa and thats enough to put you of having kids for life !
They lie, They cheat, They steal, thats all the csa do to non resident fathers.

They cause heartache, They dont care if you see your child or not, They dont care if you have other debts which reduce your income, and they dont care if you die ! or maybe they would then because thats when your csa payments would stop.

Fathers have committed suicide due to this hideous agency, so guys remember the CSA are a great way of keeping the population down and also the most inconsiderate, heartless bunch of bastards in the country

I rest my case !!


  • Stephen Boyce says:


  • Suzie Millard says:

    Love it well said

  • Dolphin Keeley says:

    Well said.

  • Chris Perks Harvey says:

    Couldn,t have said it better myself.Parasite scum , they have pretty much destroyed my life.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    I teach my child the use of contraception, not because of STI's as the school might teach, ( Considering it's a catholic school… and eeeeerm contraception) but the worst threat above STI is the CSA…My child is taught everything I know about the CSA….. He totally dislikes the CSA and worse still….. doesnt understand why when I have paid considerable amounts to the PWC via CSA he has not benefited but clearly can see he benefits from my direct financial purchase of requirements when I am nil assessed!!!!!

  • Stephen Forbes says:

    You rest your case? I bet the CSA would still have your case open though! 🙂

  • Paula Halsey says:

    Such an honest account of how the CSA work. today someone from the CSA admitted my case is clerical because it broke the computer, she admitted it was human error that caused the computer to break. I want a job there I would delete the bloody lot of the computer for good.

  • David Scott says:

    very very true

  • Jason Hinkley says:

    there closing down in febuary…..is there gonna be a sale on?.

  • Alyson Davies says:

    I don't think they are closing down i think they are just reforming it, probably reformed in a way that will make them richer and PWCs/NRPs poorer.

  • Adriana Wallis says:

    Very well said! Got some spare bullets, anyone want to join me? Haha! They are a bunch of cunts! No doubt about that! However, in some cases, cunts can be useful! CSA staff… not at all! Incompetency at the highest possible level!

  • Ricky Silvers says:

    I had the same "thats not what it says on the SYSTEM" reply again and again from some ignorant woman who talked at me (not to me) like I was the lowest of the low. I was also put in this position by a cheating woman…bloody stinks

  • Jim Rigley says:

    Seriously, all ask them for 'auditable' accounts, they cannot provide them. They cant account for every penny they have stolen from me.One day they will push someone to bomb them, I just hope Im there to see it!

  • Alan Davies says:

    Csa abolished 28th feb. Comes under the works and pensions and have less power . . .

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Loving the idea of LESSER POWER …….

  • Dolphin Keeley says:

    I am too. Lets hope they start looking into the fathers outgoings first. Before putting them out on the streets with no job.

  • Lorraine Moore says:

    It's only going back to where it was when it started. That's a good thing because??

  • Karl Garrett says:

    hear, hear!!! – I agree wholeheartly…they basically remove all hope and the point of living from the NRP, not that they care.

  • Jem Pogue says:

    DO NOT believe they will have less power !This abhorrent mess makes the Government billions every year !Would you kill the goose that lays the golden egg ?????????????????We have to force it to close and coincidentally 28th Feb is the date of our protest at Dudley csa come n join us if you really want to put an end to this child abuse !

  • Chris Osborne says:

    Moar about Dudley protest please!!!I got a voicemail 3 weeks ago asking me to ring June at DWP. I rang back and it was the CSA. I think they already come under them.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    When they get ignorant, I get arrogant!!!! then I snarl, then I promise them they shall get whatever they deserve, they ask if thats a threat, I tell them………… ITS A PROMISE!!!!!!!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Just wait until they get me shooting them, is that a threat?????.. How is taking a photograph a threat?????

  • Lee Hughes says:

    They ring up masquerading as the DWP all the time… that is very much the norm!!!

  • Mark Yak Attack Howard says:


  • Mark Yak Attack Howard says:

    Hi All,Maybe i have missed something but i see that some people say they are closing down next month ??? I would really doubt this as they are as guaranteed as death.Sorry to be cynical. LOL.

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Seeing is believing…it is going to get pushed into the DWP, supposedly… if it was shutting down then the legislation would be amended or repealed…

  • Craig Bulman says:

    As sure as Death and Taxes

  • Allan Morrell says:

    CSA are keen for feedback, here I made an Idea, 2 walkie talkies. close 2gether, one on transmit and the one that is recieving on full volume… go through the ringinging process till you get a staff member and transmit… high feedback whistle down phone… OUCH!!!! HOWS THAT FOR FEEDBACK!!!!!!! sore ears indeed…..!!!!Try it, brilliant feedback!!!!!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    get walkie talkies from Asda….. cheapo's but effective 4 the job else a good set from Argos,…. enjoy disruption to fone lines lol…. everyone and anyone can do this…… No threatsor abuse needed but its very disruptive to their ability to listen 2 nxt caller…ROFLMAOOL!!!!

  • NST/06/JW672157B says:

    They really have destroyed me theses c*nts.
    I think everyday about how I’d love to burn the buildings they are in to the ground.
    Or going in their with a gun.

    and I’d have nothing to lose by doing it.

    I could afford to live in prison.

    I’d be better off.

    Maybe i wouldn’t be so depressed.

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