CSA So Unfair to absent fathers!

December 13, 2009

Dear all,

I just wanted to share my story with some people on here and would be nice to hear from anyone with some of the same issues from the C.S.A

I have 2 Daughter’s but with 2 different Mums, of which I have never had access to since they were born and I have always been refused access for no reason what so ever, One is 15 the other is now 16.

I have been paying child maintenance for many years and have paid thousands into the child Support Agency and I have worked most of my working life, but they still state I am in arrears with them of thousands of pounds.

I recently moved in with my current partner after living at my Mums for a few months at that point I was paying the C.S.A £86 a week, I contacted the C.S.A when I moved in with my girlfriend, but they are still asking for the same money and still asking back pay of thousands of pounds which I find totally unfair as I clearly have to live and feed myself and cloth myself and pay bills and things like this.

I am on a very low wage but they still take 40% of wages off you, when I explained to them my circumstances have changed, they stated there will be no change or reduction in payments from them.

I am totally devastated with the whole thing as I clearly have to live but finding things more and more harder day by day, I understand children required to be payed for but within reasonable amounts where it allows the father also to get on with his life as I am clearly not able to do.

These 2 women who have my children I found out are not in hardship at all one of them has a 3 Bedroom house, clearly moved on with her life new partner and not in struggle for money of which I am !!!!

I work full time as I have always done and I would like to ask the CSA how comes my bank is always in its overdraft limit and I can assure you its not because I am overspending or anything like this.

The CSA should be scrapped its clearly unfair to fathers of which I have joined the statistics of many people.


  • Mr Longman says:

    I am arranging a CSA Unfair collection of payment protest in London Downing St for 10th of January 2010 please leave a comment if your able to come along

  • chall says:


    Have you had your assessment checked? – join us in the forum at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk

    You need to establish if the alleged arrears are correct.

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