CSA sent the police to my house

March 30, 2013

Child support has destroyed my family. Its stopped me being able to see my daughter and son because they live interstate. By the time l pay rent and train costs to get to work and then child support there is nothing left.

I have medical needs that cannot be met because of the high child support.

The courts gave access but CSA have stopped any chance of me being able to see my children.

It has destroyed my life, the father has two homes, 5 cars, five bedroom home, a permanent job $75,000.00

Child support change my fees, send letters to wrong address then l get major interest and penalities and then l am behind in payments that l can never make.

My car is not working and life is just way to touch – feel like its just hopeless.

CSA even sent police to my home telling them that my children were at risk and they came and search the home at 10.30pm at night. Lol the children are not even living with me, CSA know that so why would they do that. The police were embarassed to find that CSA had wrongly accussed me but left without even an apology. I was so upset with this treatment.

Is there any hope?


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