CSA owe me money but kept taking it from me!

November 18, 2018

I was paying csa for my two sons through my wages which was not a problem.My eldest son started work with me after leaving college in the same job as me.I never checked whether payments had stopped for over a year,but they hadn’t.I reported this to the csa they told me they stopped payments when my sons mother stopped claiming child benefit,which she carried on claiming illegally for 13 months after my son started work.This has been proven by the child benefit office and my ex has to pay that back.

I told the csa this and explained that they owe me payments of £1,030 overpaid by me over 13 months.this is over 3 years ago and I have never recieved anything.Sorry but I have not finished yet I carried on paying for younger son,he went to college up to being 18 in February when he left and stopped going to college.I changed jobs and thought everything was over untill I recieved a letter that another attachment to earnings order had been made not noticing because I had savings in my bank that the csa were still taking money yet again amounting to over £530.

I rang them last week to report this but as before just keep getting the run around.This has now gone to far and I am £1600 outstanding owed to me because my ex never reported these things to the csa.I feel that as a father we are never listened to and if this has happened to me how many other dads out there is this happening to or happened to before and they had not even noticed.Thank you for listening and any help would be appreciated.


  • Gary Wright says:

    Yes sounds like the CSA
    Your better off going through your local M.P the CSA normally jump when they get on to them
    Lawyers your wasting your time with them their just after your money as well I learned that
    Didn’t realise I had a trainee one,until 2 weeks before I was at court after years of her writing letters back and forth just for the money with no results,she finished her training,and dropped my case like a hot rock,needless to say I got hammered by the CSA shows they are only after your money,so I hate lawyers with a passion
    You’ll already know your wasting your time talking to the CSA so your M.P is your best option.
    More than likely the money you’ve paid over the top will go before an independent case examiner with going through your M.P and more than likely it’ll come back from them covering the cas’s arses as usual you’ll be the one at fault for what ever reason
    Should this be the case go back to your M.P again with your proof
    Yes I’ve learned that M.P’s make the CSA jump but sometimes your M.P thinks that it’s just their job to get your case heard by an examiner
    Like they say if you don’t succeed at first try and try again till the M.P is sick of you and wants to get your case sorted cos to many people now getting paid for making simple jobs complicated

  • Brian jamson says:

    Go report the CMS director for theft , the more people that get on to him and his company .that lie steal cheat and commit fraud for there own gain .the government and MPs should start to just maybe think there’s a problem .

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