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CSA not collecting arrears

My son is 24 years old this year, i have complied with the CSA since they started telling them were his father lived etc. Over the years i have been given letters telling me how much i would be getting etc, but never received anything until the arrears were in excess of £20,000. He has been taken to court and i have basically been granted my arrears deducted from anything he sells, and then eventually when i went to an MP a couple of years ago, within weeks a deductions of earnings order was granted, i received maintenance and arrears paid.

My son then left full time education, so i asked for the arrears payment to be increased to £250 a month as he would be about 68 years old before he paid it all back. Last year I asked CSA to check how much arrears were left to pay, so they stopped deducting from his earnings and told me it was all paid, when i enquired about this further it turned out he still had approx £7000 to pay, they kept writing to him but he would not reply, i have told them on several occasions that he has never complied which is why a deductions of earning order was set against him.

I was then told he has changed job and they need to write to him to ask him to start paying arrears, i informed them again, he has never complied and that is why he has had a deductions of earnings set against his wages, the upshot is, twice i have been told it has been sent to a case worker, the first time was last year and i was told i need to wait 12 weeks before anything is done, I then called a couple of weeks ago and was told again it was going to a different case worker and i need to wait another 12 weeks.

They have never chases my sons father for arrears unless i get my MP involved, he just needs to return the letters from them unopened and they don’t do anything. i think they should be liable for paying the remaining £7000 as it is their fault it has never been taken from his earnings, every year i still receive letters telling me i’m to get an excessive amount taken from his wages and it will be paid into my bank account and every year when i call them i am told it is just a computer generated letter and to just ignore it.

I have asked on several occasions over the years to have letters confirming the exact amount owed and and how much i will be paid, i have still nothing in writing even when i was getting regualr payments.

Can you help me get this sorted?

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  1. Antoinette I know where your coming from.Some “fathers” seem to think they can leave the woman holding the baby and pay for it themselves! while they go off leading their life as if nothing ever happened. Why should the woman be solely responsible?? Jo and Miles your comments are pathetic. You have no idea what your talking about

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