CSA makes me pay double what its calculator says!

August 1, 2016

Guys, where do I even begin!

my ex ran off with my twins when they were just 6yrs old whilst I was at work! didn’t have a clue where they lived then found out she had moved in with her mother in Bournemouth ( 3hr plus one way trip).

After a lot of angry dialogue between us both, the csa suddenly got in touch with me asking me for close to 600 a month for both kids! on their own website both myself and several colleagues worked out I should only be paying 350 a month according to my wages…so where in the world they even got to 600 Ill never know.

Several months of arguing including getting my local councillor involved got me nowhere. I have limited access to my children due to the 6hr round trip and I have had to move twice as I couldn’t afford to live where I was due to amount these bloodsuckers take from me. I absolutely hate their mother and them for putting both myself and my kids through this…..wheres the justice for real fathers who have been there from day one for their kids and for this to happen to them?? Real obnoxious people to deal with too.