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CSA made me homeless and are still chasing me for money!

The CSA since 2010 have had there clutches into my earnings when I was only earning £135 per week and they were leaving me with 35 pounds a week to live on which in turn has caused me to be ill for the last 7 years, and there charges are outrages and they put me under lots of stress which caused me to loose my family and home, I have therefore been homeless since, them scoundrels have distroyed my life to a point where life has no meaning anymore and they are now expecting me to pay £75 per week and I cannot afford this, but I think the CSA have useless staff who only care about money.

4 thoughts on “CSA made me homeless and are still chasing me for money!

  1. Hello Ian

    Whatever you do, don’t let the CSA win by doing something stupid. The Agency has blood on its hands as many men have committed suicide due to their awful treatment of these gentlemen. Don’t you dare become another statistic there.

    It is very difficult to fight the system and no one should try on their own without specialist help. It is way too stressful.

    It seems to me your case needs to be fully investigated as the CSA appears to have acted illegally and may have committed procedural impropriety in your case as well.

    If you need to know more or want help just get in contact with me.

    All the best to you my friend.


  2. Hello David thank you for getting in touch, I have contacted the CSA further and to a surprisingly promise of a call back a few days ago and the call back did not happen

  3. The CSA are due to become CMS as of Feb 2018 so they have two separate systems oddly as I found out after confronting CSA staff on there systems and data held on me they slipped up and admitted that they are split in two companies but operating under the same name so due to the red tape rubbish on paper the official date of change over is Feb 2018 so the CSA are hounding the he’ll out people for there services rendered…. Erm I asked the scoundrels what services I was getting and they couldn’t answer me lmfao silly people so I challenged them again and got the person on the phone stumped and lost for words…. So this I do know I have no contract with the CSA nor have I signed and legal documents to say I owe them anything so there for I can fight back… But this means taking on the system which I will quite happily do to stop the horror of CSA torment, even on the CSA portal they don’t respond either just send out letters and run well I intend to see this threw even though it takes all a person has to boldly fight on so I have contacted the applicable people to get the CSA stopped and put an end to there horribleness by using money to influence people’s lives to rashen them of there earnings…. So parents I say to u fight your corner I’ve been where u are on the floor beaten down by the CSA scum but now it’s different as it’s our turn as parents to put a stop to it

  4. Hi Ian

    Please contact me if you want to discuss anything further. I am not at all surprise the Agency did not call you back.

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