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CSA loves fathers who are working

Thankfully, my son is 22 years old and living with his friends now. However, when his mother and I separated, I took on all the matrimonial debts, paid a voluntary amount of maintenance and maintained good contact. This was in 1994 when I was a serving Police Officer.

The CSA left me alone for 3 years, then hit me with a demand for £10,500 maintenance. I had kept records and managed to negotiated this down to £4,000. This I have now managed to settle. My point is; I suffered years of mistakes, weak reactions by my MP, a next to useless ICE review, obstruction by my employers who were happy to deduct hundreds of pounds from my salary. I set up a network for people in a similar position in the Force and was utterly deluged by requests for advice and help (I supported one colleague at a Tribunal which was a total waste of time).

The CSA evidently love people (usually fathers) in jobs with guaranteed incomes, especially Police (can’t obstruct this ‘lawful agency‘), Fire, Ambulance, Civil Servants and Armed Forces. Yet, they commit legalised theft and culpable homicide.

Now happy with a young family, my current wife (who suffered the CSA brown envelopes with me invariably delivered on a Saturday morning) is utterly adamant that she would never use the CSA in the event of our separation. She saw at first hand the emotional and financial distress and harm to us all and especially my son.

When will a Government have the gumption to admit the whole set up is wrong and unethical and apologise for the mistakes? They were warned years ago by the American equivalent not to make it a ‘money maker‘ but HM Treasury got involved. It is utterly wasteful, counterproductive and sexist (an example; a Prison Officer friend of mine was bringing up his daughter as his wife had left ‘to find herself’ – CSA would not get involved as, quote, ‘it might upset the mother‘!!!)

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  1. This is exactly why the ‘shambles’ known as CSA/Cmec has to be shut down! It repeatedly targets the ones who do pay and takes them for granted, as opposed to undertaking any work to track down the ones who have never paid, will never pay and will have their debt written off!

    It is blatant discrimination, and it’s about time the Serious Fraud Office got involved and the Law Society, in order to mount a multi legal challenge to the illegal and discriminatory practices of this bunch of ‘out of control’ wheelclampers!

    I wil,be sticking two fingers up to any politician or local councillor, when they ask for my vote OR any good deed from me, until they scrap this inherently corrupt system!

    I will go as far to say that if I receive ANY political propaganda in the post from ANY Politician OR Councillor. I will be making a complaint of harassment to the police!

  2. Well ***** a system that has just ****** my whole family up.I intend to be as big a burden on the state as I can legally get away with for now. Besides being a deadbeat is cool. Lie in bed till lunch and get beauty sleep. That's why i look so good :)Besides which I don't want the CSA to love me. I'm a bit picky about my lovers.

  3. LMAO, unfortunately my ex won't come off the CSA so she gets nothing!!! A shame that she doesn't 'GET' it! She might be messing around with me but really she's screwing our son!!!

  4. Well, I gorra be one o them deadbeat NRP dads who will not pay CSA to support my PWC, I prefer shared care while I currently burden CSA with the fact they cannot deduct any of my arrears( although incorrectly calculated which means they have presented in their miscalculations, inaccurate evidence, a criminal offence I believe, of course)… That I prefer that my son benefits from my disability, financially with clothes, food, warmth… and sumthing money can never buy…Love, support, understanding and compassion… My Son detests the CSA because if the CSA was to take such monies from myself(his NRP) I would not be able to financially support him during contact arrangements while if his mother had the money… I would be supporting her with additional income. I would prefer my child to benefit financially… not his mother benefiting at my sons expense!!!!!!If a burden on the state I must be so as to do this… would I be a good role model or not… I have my agenda…. Fair assessments and with legal obligation by CSA or disband them and stop the CSA ripping of society and our children… lets make the UK a better place for our children… Disband the CSA!!!!!

  5. Michael… Maxine doesnt understand your use of sarcasm lol…… even if she uses it herself….. lol

  6. I have never claimed unemployment benefit in my life and have been working from the age of 16 and I am going through what I can only descibe as ‘hell’ with this horrible CSA.

    Like you they advised me that I owe £36,000 and refuse to this day to show me any paperwork showing this amount owing. My Solicitor cannot get this information from them so who the hell can?

    I left my employment in 2005 to move to another company and they say they were never informed of my change of circumstances but when my Solicitor asked for my file YES YOU HAVE IT…the letter was on their file. We went back to them asking that they reassess my case and was told
    We can reassess at our own discretion but for this case we are not reassessing.
    Now they are treatening to take my home.

    As for the case worker, she is disgusting and what a bully. I have been told go and get a loan and pay us back. We are coming for your assets.

    I am being treated like a criminal actually I dont think a criminal would have their house or passport taken away from them.

    We shoud all march outside these CSA offices and highlight their horrible ways.

  7. Being a burden on the state is nothing to be proud of… if thats sarcasm I'm afraid I don't get it

  8. Hi im new to be a single father, im 21 years old and have been trying to make my girlfriend happy so that my baby isnt brought into a broken family but she doesnt want to know me and wont see me or fukall. she has even been drinking while pregnant and going out clubbing til past midnight she obviously doesnt care. people are saying if we break up i will have to pay csa can someone tell me what it involves and where i stand thanks

  9. I totally agree with the comments on the C.S.A. saying they’re sexist and bullies. I have asked on numerous occasion to have a written breakdown of my arrears, detailing how they were built up, all payments made and the formula for working out my payments. I’ve not received anything yet.
    During one phone call I was told I ‘shouldn’t have abandoned my children’ I was escaping a violent partner and had no where to live. There was no room in the womens refuge, there were no council properties available, what was I supposed to do? Stay and be beaten up every night or leave to try to find somewhere for the family to live?
    This agency should be disbanded NOW. They cannot explain how they come up with payment figures, they are rude and arrogant when the parent without care tries to contact them, they do NOT chase after the absent parents. I call absent parents the parents that disappear completely from their children’s lives, not the ones that stay in contact with their children.

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