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CSA is still harassing me even though my case is closed

My reasons for using this site is i am quite sure the organization have been doing all they can to make my life a misery.My case with the csa should be closed as sometime has passed,but i am quite sure that is not the case.I do need some advice on this matter as i am not sure of the reason why they are continuing to harass me through out my personal life.It is wrong what they are doing and i need an explanation from who ever thinks they have the right to track me through out my life and cause me all this stress that i am enduring.Collectively i am having trouble with most organisations such as banks,council and even in my own workplace.All i want is to be left alone by these people so i can get on with my life and not have to deal with the problems they are causing in my life.They have taken there deductions from my wages and my payments where never missed,so for them to still be on my case even after my case has been closed i do not understand,i am quite sure it’s illegal.So if any one can give some advice on this matter that i am going through i would appreciate your help.There is a lot more i have to say but i need to find out if anyone else is experiencing this sort of harassment.

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  1. Hi.

    Bad news, I’m afraid. My case goes back 1992 when the CSA first started. It’s been a mess. A catalogue of errors and harassment from day 1. Quite how a Government can persecute its own citzens in this way is beyond me.The CSA is a law unto itself. People have tried to report them to the European Court of Human Rights and got nowhere. What other Government agency can take your passport off you, take money directly from your bank account, set up a deductions of earnings order and send the bailiffs round etc etc – all without any proof whether you owe them money or not. All without proof about how the amount has been calculated. Yet this and successive governments like to show how benevolent they are by treating refugees with kindness and dignity and financial support.

    I don’t know what to suggest… the CSA almost broke me. I can’t even begin to list all of the things they have done and are still trying to do 26 years later.

    They say your case is closed. Take that with a pinch of salt. They can just ‘invent’ arrears. Just pluck a figure out of the air and say you owe it and there isn’t anything you can do about it. When you complain and say your case is closed , if you are lucky they will confirm your case is closed but this is arrears and that’s different.

    In summary, unless you have enough money for legal action (and this is usually futile and unsuccessful) stop all contact with them. Keep all their correspondence but don’t ‘phone them or speak to them verbally.

    This agency needs taking down a peg or two. I am all for the parent without care (PWC) providing for their children but this agency is not interested in that.

  2. Dear Lionel

    I read your post with some interest. You must be extremely frustrated that the Agency are still deducting money from your income without explaining or proving the alleged debt is outstanding. There are thousands of people in your predicament and I have dealt with many of them in my time.

    The CSA must show how the debt is outstanding otherwise they have no right to deduct money from you. There has to be a provable debt. There are other matters to consider also, such as whether the alleged debt is time barred.

    I have 12 years experience representing people in your position. I suggest you get in touch with me at [email protected]


  3. WELL I HAVE RETUNED TO MAINLAND UK AFTER 5 YRS IN THE CHANNEL ISLANDS TO BEAT THE CSA AND COURTS I ALSO CHANGED MY NAME VIA DEEDPOL 3 times i also have a British passport a Irish passport and a Spanish passport


    MY EX SLOE 50K FROM ME AND WAS IS A GAMBLING ADDICT SHE DEFRAUDED MY MOTHERS WILL ALSO and the dirty sick screwed up uk government tied to make me pay CSA i told them and the magistrates COURT YOU AINT GETTING A PENNY i walked onto a ferry to guernsey and stayed ther waiting for the csa to go broke and yet again get a reform AS I KNEW ThIS WOULD HAPPEN it did in 2017 AND ALL OLD DEBTS ARE NOW WIPPED OFF…

    i have returned to mainland uk now and live in peace

  4. I am also in the same position, my ex partner closed the case and we have a private arrangement. She closed the case as even the parents with care get treated like fools. I’m still receiving messages daily that I need to pay. I’ve spoken with my MP Peter Bone but after several meetings I then stopped getting responses from them, I’m now in a different area with a new MP. First email I send I’m told he is busy and they could send a letter. I’ve heard that one before. We need to come together. CSA are crooks and the system is corrupt. Just look at the share holders of CSA and that says enough. They have no physical office although state they are in Ireland. Why in Ireland is that so people can’t the office face to face. They give legal advice for example they will tell you if you don’t pay you will go to prison. This is legal advice that they are not qualified to give. If people are going to come together to fight this corruption count me in

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