CSA is slow and useless

June 21, 2011

I went to the CSA 2 years ago after me and my partner split up and so far I have recieved £40 (and this was only because he was on benefits).

First he lied and claimed he was self employed, only recieving £160 per week, which is less than minimum wage, had the CSA bothered to look at his tax payments this would have been disaproved. Then in January I contacted for the 100th time to hear the progress of my case I was told that they were a few weeks behind and still dealing with December’s cases and to contact them in 6 weeks. I rang in 6 weeks, still not ready.

Finally, after 5 months, I rang once again and I asked them to do a check and see if he was on benefits again, the operater said ohh it seems he has been on benefits since january. Seen him working in March, rang them and i was told that there was nothing they can do as the system says he is on benfits, so reported him and shot myself in the foot really because they have froze his job seeker payments hence no £5per week for me but have kept his benefit claim live.

Therefore on CSA system they are unable to do anything once again they must be able to check if they are paying tax they should be able to see that he is still working!! I still keep recieveing letters of them showing a schedule of payments of £5 even though he is not reveieving the money. Useless.


  • karen bedford says:

    Hi Nicole, unfortunately say old story, this is the loophole the s/e can use and the csa still dont stop it, because they could work with the HMRC to get the info, but even if they do, cos the S/e lie and the HMRC dont check to see this, i.e. get bank stats to support the accounts, something I have been complaining about for years that this would stop that one (as they could then check via the Credit Ref agencies) for other accounts, etc. You have to complain in writing, all recorded delivery, all log dates you send and calls made too as you have to chase, then try and get the Criminal Compliance Unit involved as they do these checks, also go to ICE and if pos. try and get Sol (if can get legal aid – before they take this away) The CSA dont like pests – they certainly didnt like me lol please also join the facebook groups Child Support Agencies Failings and others too as there is free support and advice. Good luck.

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