CSA is just not helping

April 10, 2012

I used to receive CSA for my son from my ex husband he refused to pay therefore it was a taken from his pay ie judgement debt, since he left the forces he has not paid a penny in maintenance and it has now been 3 years. He refuses any contact with his son and has other kids.

He does not send xmas/birthday cards. I do not understand why he does not pay anymore the CSA said he is on benefits and due to the data protection act cannot divulge further information.

The csa case was in the old rules but they admitted there was 2,500 owed to me but are doing nothing to get this money to me. Even though my ex said he was working abroad and said he has sorted the CSA so he doesnt have to pay a penny to me.

My son and I are living in financial poverty and life is a struggle.