CSA is doing nothing about getting my money to me

November 11, 2010

In January 2010 I originally made a claim to the CSA for my 2 sons I was told that it could take up to 8 weeks for the claim to be processed. At the end of March 2010 I rang them as I had had nothing in writing to say what was happening. They said they could not process my claim at the Hastings office which I had applied to and that due to this nothing had been started on my case. I queried why they had not let me know this and they could not give me an explanation, they told me that my case would now be dealt with in Bolton as it had to be processed clerically!(Even though I live in Brighton). Eventually at the end of April 2010 I was sent a payment schedule and the amount which would be due to me each month. I received my first payment in June 2010 and a payment in July and August and September 2010.

I realised something was going wrong when I had to make at least 10 phone calls in September to actually get them to release my money. It is now November 2010 and I received no maintenance in October even though my money has been with them since the 28th September 2010. I have phoned them at least a dozen times and every time I speak to an advisor I am told there is no reason why the money has not been released and they will email the payments department to release the money owed.

I phoned them again this morning only to be told that yes she could see all the phone calls logged but no one had actioned any of them, she then assured me that she would definately action it today and I will receive the money in 5 working days. When I asked for her name she would only give me her first name and said she was not obliged to give me her surname I then asked for the names of all the other advisers who I had spoke to and she said she wasn’t allowed to give them to me (even though when I have asked this before they have done). I don’t really see the point in having the CSA advisers as they don’t seem to know anything and every time you speak to one they give you different information. They can not even transfer you to the payments department and claim they themselves are not even allowed to talk to them, which seems a little ridiculous as they might actually be able to give a proper answer as to why the money cannot be released.

I queried where the money sits if it is not released and she said they are a non-profit organisation (really – even though they don’t have an 0800 number!) I just find it really frustrating that they are so unhelpful and I know I am going to have to ring them time and time again and just waste more money on the calls.


  • Lisa Hunter says:

    Speak to special payments team if no joy speak to manager of the accounts departments. The reason you've been moved to the Bolton office is god forbid you made a journey to there office and really kicked up a fuss, they can't have you being too local! B

  • Allan Morrell says:

    If they wernt a profiting organisation… why did they bother to attempt to tell you they wer not… wot are they hiding????THE TRUTH!!!!

  • Emma Llewellyn-bishop says:

    what a bunch of useless criminals. have you put a formal complaint in? try going to youre local mp or solisitor its disgusting. hope it gets sorted soon x

  • Sarah Williamson says:

    Definitely go the MP route, I complained to my local MP last week as your case could almost be mine it is so similar! Had a phonecall back on a Saturday (YES A SATURDAY!) and my payments have been put on payment watch… will be interesting to see what happens this month tho!

  • Sarah Williamson says:

    Oh, meant to add, my case has been with them since February last year and mine went clerical too… add me if you would like a chat about it all

  • Dawn Mcfeeley says:

    Bolton deal with all clerical cases – mines been with them for 17 years & there always making mistakes – I've made several complaints via my MP they then transfer my account 2 Falkirk who sort out all the problems but unfortunately once it correct they transfer it back 2 Bolton & they F*** it up again. It's like a game 2 them but can b very frustrating & damaging 2 families who rely on the maintenance 2 live. I was once told by Bolton I shouldn't rely on it 2 live because it's not guaranteed lol

  • Karen says:

    Hi Jacqueline, unfortunately this is more common than you realise, Im afraid to say you have to forget about phone calls but everything in writing, send recorded delivery too as they will lose that, get a fax (I did especially for this purpose) they not too expensive nowadays and get a fax no, or try and get an email address. At least you have thing in writing. You have to keep logs yourself of when you called them too and who you spoke to, always get a name and department, as you will probably never speak to that person again! Ive had 12 yrs of misery with them and could write a book but it would be too depressing or funny to believe!!! Please join the facebook groups Child Support Agencies Failings and others, they are free! you get advice and support from others in similar situations, Ive had a few people email me and tell me that because of the advice, you have received advance payments (not as much as mine) but if the crap Ive gone through over the years helps others then at least the £20K Im owed that I probably wont get, will make it a bit more bearable to suffer. Good luck and dont give up, lobby your mp too and keep on at him!

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    I wonder if Channel 4 could do a documentary (Dispatches) about this matter. CSA is full of shit ,as I said a number of times before.They are sitting people's money to GAIN INTEREST.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Sylvia… I suggest yu approach them….. also suggest they come on CSAhell for themselves to view what' going on!!!

  • Peter Anderson says:

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The CSA are not interested in cases where the money will be passed on to the mother and children. They are ONLY interested in cases where they get to KEEP all the money! Complain to your MP and don't use the CSA. You don't say how often their father has contact but sort this matter out directly with him. DO NOT USE THE CSA – YOU WILL NOT GET THE MONEY.

  • Thomas Annetts says:

    please dont use the csa they will hound your ex into poverty and force him into unemployment or worse

  • Jay O'Hara says:

    Make a GOOD arrangement with the dad on the basis of contact and payment … he will respond!

  • Lee Hughes says:

    That is the issue here, private arrangement should be mandatory unless a consistent pattern of taking financial responsibility is not being upheld. By maintenance however, I do not necessarily mean giving money directly to the PWC. What I mean is that it can be shown that you are fairly contributing to the costs of raising your child/ren.

  • Lee Hughes says:

    As regards contact, discussions on that should also be mandatory at the same time as the financial arrangements are discussed. If either party refuses without good cause then they should suffer in some way, PWC or NRP.

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    How can you make good private arrangement with someone who is not willing to financially support his child???? You just can't…. That's why so many PWC decide to contact CSA.

  • Thomas Annetts says:

    no they contact the csa out of spite

  • Lisa says:

    No, they contact the csa because unfortunately, so many men try so hard to avoid paying anything towards their children, or don’t pay what is fair. And the csa will only force someone into financial ruin if they have built up large arrears, with THEIR OWN CHILD! I call this karma 😉

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