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CSA incorrectly guessed my earnings and now CMS is taking me to court!

Any help or advice –

I had a case with the Csa and for one of the years they guessed my earnings obviously higher than they actually were. I had a conversation to advise them it was incorrect but I didn’t follow this up until 18 months later when they started chasing me for the debt. I then sent a letter advising this was incorrect and that they also have access to my self assessments via HRMC, shortly after this they applied for a liability order. I have since been to court and a repayment plan was agreed which I did advise at the time was too high in proportion to my earnings but this was ignored. I have now come to a quiet period at work and have no income- Speaking to CMS today and they don’t care and have advised it will be going back to court- no paperwork to this effect though.

I am hoping someone has been in a similar situation and can give me some advice.

Mainly how to Get CMS to review the amount earns in one specific year which has created the fictions arrears, I have my tax returns which show the amount earnt for the period in question.

Also with regards to court I am now being threatened with prison /having my license removed which still means I can’t pay the debt and will hinder me being able to.

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  1. I have just left my story on this site which i hope will be up and readable soon. My case is exactly identical as yours.we are victims of incompantance at the hands of extremely un educated personal given jobs well above there means and capabilities as it saves the government money bit gets the job down and in the process it gives them there laws to protect them and cover up any mistakes that may occur you know what the CSA really stands for CORRUPT STEALING ARSEHOLES

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