CSA imposed an illegal DEO against me

October 20, 2011

I was working for air freight company driving across Europe, CSA barged into my place of work and demanded to know my salary, my company had no option but to surrender this information.

i contacted CSA asked them why they did not contact me, besides my twin daughters have been in full time employment since age 17. they ignored me and enforced a DEO on my wage, £780 per month. I left my place of work, i am now trying to obtain loss of earnings due to CSA criminal activities as they had no right to asses me on two young ladies in full time employment. I have written to my MP who has asked CSA for explanation, but CSA have written a cataloue of lies to MP.

I am having a face to face meeting with CSA as they owe me £23,500 in lost earnings, they say they not going to pay.


  • John says:

    What a disgraceful course of conduct by CSA morons.

    1) Write to the CSA and ask them to conduct an enquiry into the actions of the staff involved. This will prove that you are following the correct complaints proceedures.
    2) Involve the Independent case Examiner and explain the facts.
    3) Ask your M.P. to refer your case to the Parliamentary Ombudsmans office in order to have a further enquiry.
    4) If it were me, I would seek the advice of a solicitor regarding theft as the CSA are acting outside of the rule or enactment of law that they were entitled to use.
    5) As a last resort you may consider a report of theft to the police, coupled with a complaint of harassment. The CSA have caused you to be alarmed and distressed, as a result of their actions.
    6) Your employer, may wish to pursue a complaint against the CSA. Try and encourage them to do that!

    Word of warning! Be careful who you trust, as M.P.’s CSA, ICE and Ombudsman are as thick as theives, and may opt for a cover up of the facts. A solicitors letter with threats of action against the CSA may get you some justice.

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