CSA have taken the overtime I’m working as my normal wage

February 6, 2014

After first splitting up in Nov 2012 I paid £100 PW voluntarily I was only earning £390 PW this I kept up for a while as I got to talk to my son every day however my ex then took my son on holiday and never told me I was beside myself with worry no contact for 4 days

After this I reduced my payment to £60 PW as CSA guidelines 15℅ of net income,fast forward to Oct 2013 ,I am now working near to my ex and son and staying in my caravan so I can see my son regularly she then decides I can only see him every other weekend I can have no contact at all on her weekend but she must be there on my weekend,I disagree with this saying I don’t want her around on my weekend.. all contact phone calls stopped then in a state of distress I sent about 20 texts asking her to talk to me,she then sends a text message saying I was not to contact her or my son in any way as I was mentally unstable, the police called me and said she had accused me of harassment and I had to have no further contact I was served with a harassment information notice

Now I have no choice but to start court proceedings I am now £8500 in costs I am currently working 30 hr’s a week overtime to pay off my legal costs and the CSA morons have taken my wage with overtime as my normal wage and awarded maintenance on that I have subsequently quit my job as the extra £100 per month I have to pay her is part of the loan i have for legal fees she forced upon me.. loan payment’s £375 pm.I had been paying £60 PW every week never missed my son was only 2 1/2 when we split he is now 3 3/4 Sorry about the grammer writing was never my strong point