CSA has strung me along

November 27, 2014

I called for a dna and they said i had to wait for paperwork which still to this day i haven’t recieved .

My mother started calling csa on my behalf as i am not confident talking on the phone and need help to understand what’s going on every week we have called and still have gotten nowhere as i received a letter via facebook from my ex showing a letter that claims from the csa that i denied a dna test which i didn’t.

I said when i first called up that i would pay for dna test my mum then called up again as we have never denied dna test we just want to know whether i am the father to this child which i am confident i am not.

Every time my mother asks to speak to the caseworker who runs they are never there until today when she spoke to him for the first time and he said it was the first time he had seen this case which he and only he is the caseworker for . we have received no letters other than threatening debt collection letters which i shouldn’t be receiving as i am paying for my 2 children privately to there mother herself.

My mother asked to speak to a manager as we are so frustrated and upset by this whole ordeal caused by the csa about the dna for this child and they are now telling me it’s my fault as i have not provided evidence why i’m not the father and i never heard of this until today they are also not putting us trough to managers they are apparently always in meetings.

I feel because i am the person of the receiving end trying to sort my problems out they are neglecting me. all i want is to prove this child isn’t mine and move on with my life and do right for my 2 children who i pay weekly for and my step daughter . now i have to wait for more paperwork to come through the post which i am worried won’t turn up like so many letters they have claimed to send to me.

It’s been 10 weeks since this started and i am so stressed out by this and nothing is getting sorted is there anyway you can help me?


  • Bill says:

    Send a letter by recorded delivery headed, complaint, to the CSA saying you dispute paternity and outline the problems you have had dealing with them.
    It is best not to use the telephone as the person on the other end can only see a computer screen and will know little about your case or circumstances.
    No case has a specific caseworker only those who have been allocated that work at a particular time.
    The complaints department can review a whole case and examine all the paper work.

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