CSA has just found some money ‘owed’ from 2001

March 26, 2012

I have just had a deduction of earnings attached to my wages and they have just found an amount ‘owed’ from 2000-2001 for 200.00. This has just been added to my deductions for this month with less that 10 days noticeand they will not budge about owing the amount or taking it out thismonth.

I could find letters dated 2003 where it clearly says i owe 0.00 and have received cheques for overpayment and amount I pay reduced for over payment. They have told me that the amount was suuspendedbut now they have unsusspended it. Can they do this?? It is 12 years ago and i never received a letter saying it was susspended.

They can even say if it was posted as it was so long ago!!

What can I doits driving mecrazy.


  • Carol says:

    Put a complaint in writing asking the questions you have here. Also from what I know of CSA rules and regulations (of which I think the CSA know very little!) if it is an error on the part of the CSA they cannot chase you for this.

    If you have to get a copy of your file from the DPU Unit which costs £10 which will shed more light on this for you.

  • jay. says:

    We have been chased for arrears from 15 years ago, on a case my partner never knew existed, and we have to supply proof of why we don’t it….they are asking for 9000.00 within a two year period when my partner was out of work, csa told the mp the assessment is high, do you think they’ve dropped the deo, like hell have they! If they think they are owed money they will go after it, regardless what hassle it causes. Write a letter of complaint and see your mp if you feel your being harassed.

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