CSA fraudulently take money incorrectly claiming change of circumstance

July 18, 2018

My story starts way back when this crook run organisation starts. In a nut shell.

At any point in time when ive come off benifits or they have been stopped, these crooks have been ASSUMING i was working because i didnt tell them of a change in circumstances. My fault you might say. But i never went into employment at these times. So to me my circumstances havent changed. Ive gone from unemployed to still unemployed. But csa then look back 5 years in your employment history to calculate a figure ( as if your still in work) and let you rack up a massive debt behind your back.

How is this even legal. Firstly i feel they play the entrappment card which is illegal for even the police to pull off. Secondly is that fraud.

Please someone help me because otherwise this country will see the birth of a new guy faulks that will not fail.


  • Ben says:

    You know all those letters that land on your mat, and you just threw in the bin. Guess what, they are actually important. You know those SMS messages you have been ignoring for years. If you had actually opened a couple of these or read the messages and done what they were asking you would have realised you have been given massive amounts of time. They would have told you how to go about arranging everything. If you ignore letters from a government department. They will assume nothing has changed. Open the letters, call in, hell even write a letter and actually mail it. Or use the self service portal online. This pickle you find yourself in. Is your own making

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