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CSA doesn’t give you chance to fix their errors before they ruin your life!

I have never been so ill treated by such an awfull company

my wife files for csa as she was not getting enough money out of me already so csa contact me with a letter asking me for to contact them which I did they ask me to send all deatails in there lovely envelopes they ask you to send back well send all details bank statement etc

2 weeks later I get a snorty letter saying I owe this much in csa so I phone them up and ask whats going on they say we never recived your paper work well so I resend all this paper work again whitin 1 day I get another letter same thing but with a new tariff csa money gone up in this time I asked for a expense decalarition from them as I travel nearly 200 miles every month just to pick me son up which this appeared through my letter box 4 months later

these people are not nice people to deal with they have no care are customer support by the time I tried to get me part sorted they went staright to me company for the money with out giving me the chance to sort this out so these people forced me to give up work best thing I done.

One thought on “CSA doesn’t give you chance to fix their errors before they ruin your life!

  1. I bet you get your lovely letters on a Friday, so the CSA idiots deliberately spoil your weekends whilst they are laughing at your predicament.
    I have been out of these scumbags clutches for a number of years now, and it appears that nothing has changed and they are still demonising and criminalising parents regarding their own children.
    What happens between mothers and fathers regarding their children is nothing to do with a bunch of pen pushing amateurs.
    Important matters involving children belong in the courts with expert layers who make decisions based upon the facts, and not with these mobsters.
    Go to your M.P. and inform them of situation and the Mal administration that you are having to suffer.

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