CSA doesn’t care that my ex is refusing to pay for our children

May 13, 2017

I have 3 children to my ex husband.. he has left many times.. final split 1/2/16.. after 8 months of no payments.. csa requested £78pm for the children.. they’re error.. put in writing. Every month something goes wrong.. despite being a deduction of earnings.. never know when or how much is coming.. if at all? I am tired of going to csa with begging bowl.. my children are paying them to get the money!! In charges.. you complain.. yeh they eventually escalate.. then the claim is frozen for weeks.. while they investigate.. last month was to be 1st month at correct level.. shock.. not a penny?.. at what point can you go higher?.. they won’t say.. or to where?.. yet I took they’re father to court to get him to see his children!!! I’ve asked him why he hasn’t paid.. he laughs n says he’s got more important thing’s to use his money for!??.. kid’s deserve that money.. its for them.. yet I’m the bad guy when I have to say no..?