CSA doesn’t care about anyone as long as they get paid

February 18, 2018

Before all the do gooders jump all over me, first I agree that you have to support your child, but this organisation will tear you appart, I have now recieved a demand for arrears for 5,000 pounds I have disputed this and asked for a break down of how they come to this figure, I got another letter saying it’s 3700, but still no breakdown of how they come to this.

I pay 670 pounds per month for my son who will be 17 this month, I have asked the mother to sit down and come to an agreement but she refuses, she works for the DWP and sometimes I can’t help but wonder do they assist her more. I believe this mob are drivin to hit hard the easy targets while the others who don’t want to pay get away with it. There should be a set amount and thats it.

However I was told that the mere mention of fairness to MP’s and its met with anger about how people shoild pay, and many are women MP’s. We don’t have a voice and I feel no oe gives a damn. Even the poor man in England who committed suicide, got no compasion, all many would say that he should have paid. Many who make these statements have no clue what this organisation are doing to people, if you have an ex like I have it’s not the child they are doing it for. It’s revenge in my book.


  • David Joseph says:

    Hi Frank

    If you would like to discuss a way to get proper redress to your problems with the CSA, please drop me a line at [email protected]


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