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CSA does not care about child welfare, just money

I’ve just been shafted by my ex and the so called c.S.a.. we had an agreement for the last 13 years for me to pay my ex maintenance for our daughter which I never missed and payed promptly by cheque but now I have been told to pay double because the c s a says so and as the ex puts it “i’m going to get you where it hurts”?

She works part time stacking shelves and makes it up with hand out from the state therefore including what I’m being forced to pay is going to generate an income more than me for doing a 3rd of the hours I do, how the f..k can this be legal, how can the so called csa sit back and be so one sided, I have done everything for my child especially where holidays are concerned,,going over seas for years whilst her mother as given her a wet weekend in skegg Vegas and then goes globe trotting with her new bloke free,, how can this be right,

I have tried on several occasions to have discuss this issue with the csa ,but simply don’t want to know I have mentioned that my daughter stays with me more than they have been informed but the answer I get is go to court for a court order to prove this . The csa are useless,ignorant and have no interest in a child’s welfare..

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  1. Hello Shaun

    Hi Shaun

    Sorry to read about your ordeal.

    You are certainly right about the CSA’s don’t give a damn attitude about child poverty. This is simply a smokescreen and excuse for shafting innocent fathers who have already paid faithfully of their hard earned money.

    If you are paying child support under the CMS scheme then they will take a certain percentage from your gross income depending on the number of children involved ( for instance, 12 per cent for one child). If you have any children living with you, they would make an allowance in your favour. For instance, for one child it’s 11 per cent.

    If you are incurring expenses, such as travel expenses etc, you can apply for a Variation to take these into account.

    Clearly you are having a lot of problems with the CMS/CSA and so I would strongly advise you to seek professional help. Don’t deal with them on your own as it will damage your health. They are an awful organisation to deal with.

    I have been dealing with them for 11 years and understand the law in the area. If you need my help, drop me a line at [email protected].


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