CSA demands are putting my family on the streets

February 4, 2010

18 months ago i was issued with a liability order over csa arrears to which i attended court to listen to the lies or should i say the only things the csa want to hear that i missed payments not the truth that when ever i was to pay they never sent the pay slips out or used the bank details given to them to except payments even the judge stated what a disgrace how i was been treated.

we decided to come to arrangements of pay for my arrears.after further assesments the result was cause i was a low wage earner my payments would be nil.my pay is 230 per wk and i have 3 children livin with me, 2 of which are from my wife’s 1st marriage. We been together 13 yrs and the 2 oldest have lived with us all that time with no support from there father for when we asked the csa about was told cause he doesnt work we wont recive any payments so ive brought them up out my own hard earned money ive no regrets but the point im tryin to make is 13 yrs brought 2 children up what aint mine with no help.

but now my ex has put a fresh claim in against me and under new csa rules they no longer have to take your out goings into account thats mortgage coucil tax electric gas water everything yet they want at least 60 pound a wk arrears and 37 pound aweek for my daugther me and my wife have a son together so why are the csa so evil to put a family of 5 on the streets which they will cause i will lose everything for the sake of lookin at the facts and understandin that we just cant do it.

my ex claims benifits which i heard are about 180 a week without family allowance. Yet she pays no rent no council tax but her circumstances are not bein took into account csa tell me about the money i owe them but wat do they owe me for 2 children ive brought up with no help off there dad or off the great csa


  • chall says:

    Hi John,

    Firstly, have you ensured amounts and dates on the liability order are correct?

    On CS2 if any or all of the 3 children that live with you are under 19 years and meet the criteria as relevant other children, then you will receive the relevant reduction (15% for 1, 20% for 2, 25% for 3) from your nett income figure, prior to maintenance being calculated.

    Also, if you claim working tax credits and you are the higher earner, this will be deemed as your income, vice verse if your OH is the higher earner OR split 50/50 if your incomes are the same.
    If you claim child tax credits then the full amount will be deemed as your income regardless.

    Join us in the forum at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk – We are parents helping each other we don’t ask for any fee/contributions/payments etc, its ALL FOC.

  • jim hope says:

    I pay £450 every month for 2 children-8 and 7 years old
    Their Mothers do not even look after them properly
    Last week my son did not even have a coat or socks on when i picked him up in the cold weather
    I am seeing my son’s teacher and the ss next week
    But the low level of abuse and neglect from his Mother – Lucy Taylor, Dorset- will not mean anything to the child care team
    My youngest children’s mothers are disgusting and wont agree to any sensible arrangement
    I fully see why Fathers kill themselves because of the injustice
    Not only do i pay financially and support mu children emotionally their’Mothers’ dont even lookn after them properly

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