CSA decide to bill me for arrears that I dispute and can’t afford!

October 2, 2018

I have had shit from the child support agency scum since 2002. My ex took my house stopped me seeing my son and I paid her maintenance by cash. She still took me to the csa. Then a one night stand landed me another child who I have to pay for. The csa wanted too much money so I couldn’t afford to pay my bills. I paid what I could afford and still have the giro slips as proof. I went to court 3 times this Prick called Peter Towler from Newton Aycliffe who represented the csa lied his ass off and did a runner quickly from the court lucky he did…

Now I pay for 1 child a monthly payment which I can afford but had a letter now saying I have arrears of £16,000 which I dispute and will not pay that amount I agree there may be arrears of maybe £2,000 due to lack of work but I can’t get anything from the csa to back up this arrear amount what do I do ? Any reasonable judge will see I am paying I am self employed and just been sent a deduction of earnings form so I can dock myself money wtf ?


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  1. David Joseph on October 2nd, 2018 3:03 pm

    Hi Robin

    I am a specialist CMS/CSA Lawyer. Drop me a line at [email protected] and I will respond to you.


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