CSA created a DEO when I owe them nothing!

April 3, 2019

I have been paying child support into both of my kids Bank accounts in the sum of £160 per month the combine figure since April 2018 to December 2018. This is not in dispute and children mother accept receipt of payments. I have always maintained payments each month, I received a letter from CSA for non-payments, however I sent proof of payments via the CSA Client Portal.

Therefore, I can’t understand on what grounds CSA sent deduction from earnings order (DEO) to my employer. I received 2 letters dated 23rd November 2018 from CSA about issuing of DEO When I called CSA I was told by the gentleman I spoke with that the DEO was sent to my Employer due to non-payment of child support since June 2018, he acknowledge receipt I sent of all my Bank receipts confirming Payments into each of the kids bank account and further stated that the Children mother accepts the payments are for child support, however because I paid the money into the Kids account and not the Mother accounts, he doesn’t accept those payments hence the reason for the DEO.

Furthermore, a previous child support case that was cancelled by Children Mother in 2012 which she obtains a Court order 2009 without my Knowledge of the case for the sum of £9,000. CSA has brought forward and included in DEO. From speaking to a Elaine of CSA I was told that if a case is cancelled then there should be no money owing and such balance should not be brought forward into a new case.

The DEO should have never been sent to my Employer as I did not stop or refuse to make child support payment. This is causing me great financial burden and I am unable to support my other 3 Kids, it is not fair for 1 Mother to get £540 per month and the other 3 Mother gets nothing. I made numerous phone calls to CSA since December 2018 and each time I am told they will ask the person dealing with the case to call me back. This has never happened.


  • A Friend says:


    Perhaps you should have thought about the expense and if you are the kind of person before banging out 4 kids?

    It fills my heart with joy, knowing the CMS have finally been able to get money off you pay your arrears off. At least your employer now knows the type of person you are.

    A DEO would have been put in place because you skipped payments or did not pay the full amount.

    You tried to be clever and put money into the kid’s account to spite the mother. Now you have to pay more!

    The CMG are making you pay for your children because you tried to get away with it, better you than the tax payer!!!

  • sovereign says:

    Are you a troll? How can you defend the corrupt CMS when they rob hard earning NRP’s of THEIR money??

    If the RP wants money then go out and earn your own instead of relying on the endeavors of the NRP. When the NRP has his or her children then they will spend THEIR money on them. Its tough titty if RP cant afford it. Get off the dole and start working might help instead of expecting handouts from NRP. Just because you have the child benefit in your name doesnt mean your the main carer either. What a plum you are!

  • nana says:

    Only a greedy woman will comments like yours

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