CSA closing my case even though I am still owed money!

November 6, 2018

My daughter is nearly 21 years old Csa rang to say that my case with her dad wld be closing down n that I have got 3928.90 in arrears owing I’m so mad as I’ve struggled for 10 years being a single disabled mum financially and Emil tally not hving anything from her dad I argued for years in he shld be paying but they always said he did due to being married and having 3 kids they said do I want to written off or transferred to child maintabce options obviously I want the money but I don’t know how to get my arrears and I think I shldhet comebstion from Csa as thinks it’s disgusting it’s taken them how many years advice please.


  • Gary Wright says:

    more than likely your ex partner has had just as tough a time as you during the duration of your case
    This is why in the beginning most partners are talking and children being provided for until the CSA become involved then they quickly breakdown all communications between partners and things become bitter so that neither one knows what the CSA is telling the other, strange because everything worked before CSA got involved.
    Fathers are hounded by the CSA for years for money where liability orders are awarded to the CSA through the courts for often purely invented arrears so I can’t see the CSA letting him off the hook that easy,that’s just not the CSA fathers know
    Yet according to mothers the father doesn’t pay for his kids,this is where the csa’s breakdown of communications comes in he can’t find out if you receive the money he pays CSA and you can’t find out if he is paying
    Before my case started for months I showed up every week to pick my kids up and I paid bills give her money for things I even give her money for nights out and get her self new cloths things were going great.
    Then out of the blue she took me to the CSA obviously thinking may be I can get more money obviously greed set in
    So the case goes to court we are both there I say I’ve been providing for my children as in paying this and that and giving her money etc.as well as providing for them while they are with me,merely just to prove I’m doing my best for them.
    She and her lawyer stood up and said to the judge I’ve never had a penny off him.
    I’m thinking you lying little bitch,I couldn’t prove anything I always paid cash as this was years ago before plastic so to speak came out.but I thought I was doing the right thing by providing for them and I trusted her,this was the first time in my life I had ever been in a court
    Every time I tried to defend myself her lawyer kept repeating over and over again answer the question yes or no.
    I was then told by the judge totally unexpected if it wasn’t for the fact I had a job I would be going through that door instead of that door
    So I nearly went to prison because she lied in court,lucky for her lawyer though that I left through the right door ,as if it had been the other door I would of been straight over that hand rail and on her lawyer in a flash knowing that he had probably put her up to it,and if your going to go to prison you might as well go for a good reason.
    Forgot to mention I also had to sell my car and giver her the money as the judge classed a car for a father as a luxury so I had to kiss goodbye to my XR3i which was a prity good car in those days.
    One last thing where often greed comes in with some women,even paying the CSA thousands I would take my ex wife to the city every Christmas and buy everything she said they wanted,I would pay for something for herself for Christmas and buy her lunch to make it a good day out.
    Few years later I got pulled by one of her mates and I remember her words as in she thought it was disgusting that I don’t buy my kids anything for Christmas and birthdays
    So I stopped,no point paying CSA and buying things if she keeps making out I’m all the bad sods to everyone.
    So this is just basically showing that the guys are always made out by the women to be none payers when it comes to their kids which isn’t always the case
    Also when both partners are together their a happy family and the children are referred to as our kids,yet as soon as things turn bad the guy is always told their your kids.

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