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CSA caused my wife to miscarriage

Hi i lived in Sweden in 95/96. I had a relationship with a woman which split badly after i found out she was having an affair and proceeded to marrie the guy. I returned back to the uk in 96 carried on with my life, got married had two children 18 months and 3 years old. 8 weeks ago i was summoned to court over maintenence payments for a child i never knew i had who was born in 97 to the swedish girl i mentioned above.
The swedish goverment has just taken her word that the child is mine with no biological proof from the date of his birth in 97. The csa said i cant challenge this as it has been decided in a difrent contry and the maintenence order is official.

I am told that i must now pay £420 per month for his first 18 years. The child is now 13, I owe 13 years at £420 per month and £420 a month from now until he is 18 years old.

My wife workes part time and gets a mixture of working family tax credits, child benefit and her pay. She owns her own home and has done since before we were married.

I am unemployed but do not recieve any benefits due to my wifes mixture of benefits. The csa dont care that i have no sorce of income or that i have never known about this child and the only sorce of proof is the mother said it was mine 13 years ago. They expect my wife to take the whole debt on wich we cannot afford. surely this cannot be correct, they are taking food out of my babys mouths and putting my married life and family at risk, if this goes ahead i will be devorced with no home, my children wont have a dad and idd be still expected to pay for a debt for a child that isnt mine in another country and the uk just say ok you must pay and you cant challenge it as its been decided in another country…

Im at my witts end, my wife has just had a misscarage due to all the stress of this and worry about how we are going to cope, my familly life is being torn from pillow to post, i cant afford a solicitor to help me battle.. I just feel like killing myself over this as things are just so bad…

One thought on “CSA caused my wife to miscarriage

  1. The CSA have reciprocal arragements with many countries. They basically enforce the CM terms of that other country.

    You are going to need to seek legal advice in Sweden I fear, and probably go through their DNA process assuming they have one.

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