CSA caused me to have a mini stroke!

February 26, 2019

My story started 1996 when i started making payments to my children, i will not go into the payments i had to make which cost me my civil servant job as my complaint is not about that. in 2012 my youngest twins turned 18 the c m s said i owed £2216. 83p I knew i owed some arrears but considering i was paying £25 per month i did not think it was anywhere near what they stated. I asked for a breakdown of the arrears waited for months Never got one Still Never have.

While waiting for the breakdown the C M S sent the arrears to their enforcement division and because i was a civil servant took £500 a month directly out of my Pension of £800 per month, this was in November 2012 over Christmas 2012 until their arrears was paid and the case closed, But it didnt end there. In Oct.2017 i got a phone call from the CMS saying that i still owed over £2000 and how did i want to pay it. I got rather upset after hearing this to much as 2 days later i had to go to my doctor who informed me i had taken a Mini Stroke.

The following day i rang C M S spoke to my case worker Kieran he stated i still owed £2288.12. I told him i paid £2216.83 5 years ago in 2012, He Stated Then there was nothing on his computer showing the payments in 2012.He said thats were the mix up has been and asked me did i have proof of the payments in 2012. I told him i would contact my Pension Branch as they would have proof of it coming out of my Pension. I did this and Pension Branch sent an email to Keiran showing the payments, at that time i also informed him that from being told of this additional £2288.12 it had caused me to have a mini stroke. The following week i rang Keiran to see if the matter had been sorted out instead of Kieran i was put through to a manager and she stated there was no mistake and i still had arrears of £2288.12.

I then asked her for a statement proving these arrears. 4 months later and numerous phone calls they sent me a breakdown all worked out to suit them.I questioned a number of points why certain months my payments had gone up from £25 per month to £400 per month and my circumstances had not changed but they never replied.They stated that someone had decided on the 13th Dec 2016 to open my Closed case and review worked it all out going back to 1996 and found i owed the £2288.12. I asked in shock someone would open a closed case and work this all out so could i have a statement of how they did it. I have Never received that statement even asking a solicitor to try they never got anything.

I then took this to the Ombudsman N I to help but i was very disappointed with them they stated they rang the C M S and agreed with them. So of course C M S sent the arrears to their Enforcement Branch again but this time are kindly taking £100 per month out of my Pension (i cant stop it) until the arrears is paid. Conclusion C M S have said they lost the statement in 2012 with the arrears worked out I T problem and will not send me a statement of the calculations of the Dec 2016 Arrears.The only statement any one received is one which took 4 months to work out from Nov. 2017 till March 2018 After i had told them i had taken a Mini Stroke over this.I know i do not owe this money C M S are covering their asses over their mistake again and i have no one to turn to for help they are a law onto themselves with no one questioning them HELP.


  • David Joseph says:

    David I wish I could help you. CSAHell band me from the forum. I have 12 years expertise in this field but someone trying to blacken my name. They will get their comeuppance.

  • David Joseph says:

    David I am amazed at the awful way you have been treated by the Agency. It is despicable!

    In law, he who asserts must prove. If you have arrears, the CMS/CSA must provide cogent evidence to prove this and not fabricated figures. They usually go after soft targets like you – people who always pays.

    You must challenge this but with your medical condition, you must instruct a specialist lawyer or CSA consultant to represent you. It is a difficult area and only a handful of us specialise in this area of law. My ex-wife suggested I look into to practicing in CSA law. She is a Family lawyer. I have been through hell with my divorce and CSA.

    I used to practice civil litigation and personal injury law. But when I discovered what fathers go through, I made the conscious decision to help dads (and some mums). The system is evil and very very draconian.

    If you need representation or to have a consultation/ chat about your circumstances, please please get in touch.


  • Danny says:

    Look into progressing with a ‘Judicial Review’.

    They are not above the Law and as stated David, they are required to provide proof, not you.

    A Judicial Review seeks to unlawful wrongs and subsequent abuse of authorities like CSA / CMS / CMEC.

    David do you have experience with Judicial Reviews….seems the best way to tackle unlawful actions of this business/authority

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