CSA case worker says ‘get a loan’ to pay CSA

October 29, 2010

The usual with the CSA. I am paying £415.70 every month. The letter also state: after the relevant amount for child maintenance has been taken, the amount of money left for you must not be less than £408.63 month. This is your amount of protected earnings. It may be that, over a certain period, you don’t have enough earnings to pay the full amount.

In today’s world can anybody pay rent/mortgage, pay bills and pay for other essentials on £400. In this case, your employer will simply carry forward the shortfall and add it to your next payment. If CSA had a choice they would and probably take every last penny you have. I am absolutely fed up with CSA, they should change their name to KMA. They refuse countless times to acknowledge that my circumstances had changed over 6 years ago. Mr Hancock, not too sure if that is his real name had the balls to tell me to take out a loan of over £22,000 to pay them. I could not believe it when said that they really Do NOT care.


  • lyn says:

    Believe me they dont care.

    Our situation is something simular to yours.

    My partner’s circumstances changed over 6 years ago and they still refuse to accept this change.

    Like you they told my partner that they could see how much credit he had on his credit cards and that he must take a loan out and pay this amount.

    They are pure bullies

  • John says:

    You take out a loan to pay off (what they say you owe them – probably lies or miscalculation because they are incompetent fools)…………………and they pick up their fabulous xmas performance bonus!

    Challenge everything that they say and do. Ask for a clerical review of their calculations. Make work for them, don’t give in. Don’t be bullied and brow beaten. Go to your M.P. and complain,about the staff suggesting you take out a loan it’s not just about the money that they say that you owe……….but the whole system. Question everything and protest!……….£4 billion uncollected and people ‘let off’ and they are targeting you?

  • Brokenfather says:

    This is very wrong.

    The OFT issue guidance to any party involved in the collection of debts. To do so you need a Consumer Credit Licence.

    It would be a gross infringement of that guideance to suggest or advise a debtor to effect alternative debts simply to pay them off. Persistant breaches could lead to fines ot even removal of their CCL.

    Sadly, I dont think the CSA needs a CCL because they are in effect the Government. That said, surely the Government on one form should also follow guidance issued by the Government in another form that everybidy else has to comply with.

    Complain to your MP.

  • lyn says:

    Thank you John and Broken Father

    We have everyone on the case now but it is getting us nowhere!

    MP and Solicitor involved we even contacted a Lord at the House of Commons but I still think we will be in court shortly having our home taken away from us.

    The equity in the house will not even cover so called debt they are looking for but they say we dont care we are coming after what assets you have.

    Honestly, they are a law amongst themselves. We are fighting it so hard that it has taken over our lives and it is terrible.

  • sajid says:

    After so many years of being unemployd and supporting myself through college, protesting regularly to the csa that making the payments of 10 pounds monthly was extremely difficult especially when my JSA was reduced already, and also making them aware that i infact had my son more often than his mother cared to admit i was finally able to find a job for three months in which i accrued almost a thousands pounds of back dated pay. It appears theyd been looking at my petrol expenses as income despite it not fully covering how much i was really spending. Out of that thousand theyd stated over 200 pounds was for csa not paid during my unemployment which i want aware of, for it were automatically deducted. Changing tact I wrote a formal letter of complaint stating i were going to go my MP, high lighting i had a court order permitting me to have my son over 52 nights of the year but infact really had him for over 3 nights.They then still wanted calendar dates from me and ex spouse. As a consequence I now no longer have to pay anygthing whilst umemployed due to shared care being granted of only 1 night a week, but they wont back date this decisions, even to when the court order was issued back in mid 2008. Would like to say csa has caused havoc in my life, although my greedy,lying, immigrant,child abusing ex wife wouldnt say that.

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