CSA called me a liar

July 7, 2011

I had a private agreement with my ex who insisted on cash until my new partner advised me to keep a paper trail on all payments. Things started to go wrong when i had a new baby with my new partner, my access became less and less and my ex started phoning my family with lies saying i dont have the child i dont phone and i dont pay, subsquently my family believe her and dont bother with me or my new baby, i havnt seen my child since i asked for a dna test after my ex said she had affairs and cheated while we where together, i have phone bills to prove i phone and i have bank statments to prove i pay.

THE CSA stuck its ugly head in and and called me a liar saying i havnt paid a penny, the private agreement means nothing i never had one, i should,nt have got my ex pregnant in the first place, and my second child counts for nothing as they say the priority is to the first child, They have put a court order on my earnings and are taking treble the amount their own calculator says i have to pay, they have refused me an accessment and have refused me any imformation on my case.

Its a very stressful situation to be in with know where to turn that the CSA can do this to people their own website states a mother can name anyone has the father and they will take her word for it until DNA is proven a test which the father has to pay for and if proven he is not the father he gets none of the money back he has payed for all them years how is that justice. Why do we not have an agency for us fathers why is it being allowed that the CSA can do what they like when they like. More worring when CMEC take over there are going to base payments on gross wages not net or take home like they do now so does this mean yet more money the father will lose again.

I think any women wanting to use the CSA to get money from a potential father should have to submit to a DNA test first also if she is earning more than the potential father that it should be taken into account as why should she have a quality of life and us fathers are skint and at rock bottom there is no fairness with the CSA why oh why have they the right to do this, I have to pay but im not given access and being refused a DNA test and deliberatly alienated from my first child so the ex can claim more money.

Great system this is and is only going to get worse.


  • angus carnie says:

    I had a private agreement made through the court which we both agreed to. My Ex then went to the CSA to get more and now the CSA says the Court was wrong and refuses to recognise Court Order so now having to pay both= nightmare

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