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CSA attacks absent parents

I split from my wife 3 years ago and we got divorced on 19/12/2008 ! A glorious day indeed. I have had 3 years of hell and it still continues, with the CSA only making things worse.

I have 3 children in total and pay 25% at present which is £113 per week. Under the new scheme that weekly amount would shoot up to a massive £132 per week (19% of gross weekly pay). Thats £572 per month and a huge problem. I already pay an unfair extortionate amount as it is. Why is it the CSA feel the absent parent must take the whole financial burden of the child/children ? The PWC gets all the benefits, including preventing access and being down right rude and obstructive to boot.

Like everyone else I have bills, mortgage, living costs, new life etc etc but none of this matters to the CSA. Taking payments from gross is a scandal and the movements to stop it and protest should be loud and long and PUBLIC ! Lobby your local MP’s, go to the local/national media !!!!!!!!

The attack on absent parents must stop and should be reasonable/proportionate. This sytem is disgusting and makes me want to emmigrate !

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  1. I have recently sent letters to Cameron, Clegg and Duncan Smith, regarding the shambles known as CSA.

    They treat decent, honest people like scum and then expect those very same people to vote for their manifestos.

    It is for me to make financial arrangements for my children not a corrupt M.P. or an incompetent civil servant on bonuses and gold plated pensions!

    I have all ready paid thousands of pounds in taxes that pay for Benefits, Health, Education etc,etc. Why am I being asked to pay again?

    I have written to this lot, I suggest you and other victims of this ‘not fit for purpose, shambles’ do to!

  2. I have used bullet points on paragraphs to make my points. Here are some extracts of my letters!

    I have all ready paid large amounts of income tax over many years that provide for Education, Public services, Health and Benefits. Why? am I being asked to pay again through maintenance!

    £3.7 billion pounds remain uncollected and yet those who pay (like me), are being repeatedly targeted, in order that corrupt officials can replenish the public purse. I am being discriminated against, whilst you lot aim at the ‘soft targets’ all of the time because its’ too hard to go after those who don’t pay, have never paid and will never pay!

    You treat decent people like scum and yet expect those very same people to be compliant with all of the rubbish that politicians and local councillors peddle. manifestos promising the earth to get elected, and those promises reneged upon. I have withdrawn all of my support for politicians and councillors!

    For every £1 the CSA collects it costs £1.85 in admin fees. Millions of pounds wasted on failed I.T. systems. It is what i said it is, a shambles!

    Staff lying through their teeth to earn their large bonuses and gold plated pensions.

    To Cameron, Clegg and Duncan Smith. The ‘not fit for purpose’, ‘Shambles’ CSA day are numbered and it should be shut down asap. it’s incompetence belies belief!

    There will inevitably be a successful legal challenge and when the floodgates open I want all the money stolen from me returned with interest and compensation!

    What happens in my private life between me, my ex wife and my children, is absolutely nothing to do with civil servants, executives or politicians!

    The more that tell this lot how it is. The better!

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