CSA applied for an order of sale on my house because of my husband’s ex partner

August 29, 2011

We have 3 children under 7 and my husband has a son from a previous relationship (greedy woman looking for a willing sperm donor). The CSA have consistently assessed him incorrectly and he still remains on the corrupt punitive CSA 1 system. They have an application for an order of sale on our property for (£4500) which is grossly incorrect.

The CSA are willing to make a hard working innocent family homeless for this small amount. We have offered the correct amount £1800 but they have refused. Our case is on Tuesday next week.

I feel sick as I am being treated like a criminal even though the CSA is nothing to do with me or our children.


  • rach says:

    now dont take this as gospel but i have read that most judges are unwilling to order a sale of property for debts under £15000 you need to take all your evidence to the judge at the hearing and explain all the csa mistakes and how you have tried to come to an agreement with them. I find it disgusting that this company and can order a sale when other children need this house as a home, i hope you have also got your mp involved in this as he/she needs to know the depths that this evil organisation sinks too. I dont personally think that you will be made to sale if you can come to a financial agreement with the judge it will be better for you as the csa wont have any control over what you and the judge agree you should pay! good luck let us know how you get on xx

  • Lyn says:


    I feel so sorry for you and your family.

    We recently lost my ex partner’s home. These animals took his house from under him and they were not interested in the money I had spent on his property i.e. new windows. I was told that I would have to fight them in court for my money.

    The judge is my ex partners case granted the charging order and within weeks they started to take the house.

    His ex wife like you said a greedy woman only after him for money and thats all it was from day one. Now she has got the money they are still after him for more. Unfortunately, due to the stress we split up and I miss him so much, he was the most wonderful man and they destroyed him. He has now moved away from the UK to start a new life as it was impossible for him to stay here. Even after taking he house and paying the so called debt they claimed he owed they still hounded him for more money.

    It makes me sick to see criminals getting away with crimes and they waste so much time on chasing Fathers who unfortunately get themselves cought up with money grabbing women.

    Good luck and stay strong for your childrens sake

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