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CSA and a DNA test

I am contacting you with regards to a dna test. I have done a dna test on a child that i am not currently paying for, but my name is on the birth certificate. the child came back as not mine, but my test was not admissable to remove my name from his birth certificate.

Is there any way you can help me to provide substantail evidence to remove my name from his birth certificate? I have also done a test on a 2nd child with the same mother which has turned out to be mine which is again not court admissable, and has someone elses name on the birth certificate, so basically i am wondering if there is anyway you can help me to remove my name from 1 childs birth certificate, and to help me get my name on another childs birth certificate.

Thank you so much

2 thoughts on “CSA and a DNA test

  1. For your name to be on the birth certificate, then you must have agreed to this at the time of registering the birth. I am not sure whether you can remove your name.

    If you want to add your name, then this can usually be done, but usually needs the mother’s authorisation.

    Visit your local registrar of births and have a chat with the registrar.

    More importantly, what are you doing about contact with both children? Or is contact ok with both?

  2. I have doubts that may son aged 15 is mine can the csa order a test as the mother has refused in the past.

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