CSA admit I overpaid but won’t refund me and continue to take payments

July 7, 2017

the CSA calculated my payments wrong and were taking almost double what they should have been. Its been 9 months since my case was closed and they admitted to the mistake, and my Son now lives with me full time. Yet they refuse to refund me my monies owed, almost £4000 and yet they even continue to take money direct from my wages each month! Every single time I call (over 40 phone calls) I’m told a call back with be arranged within 24 hours, I have received 1(one) call back in 9 months. the system is a disgrace and many of the staff that work there are nothing but blatant liars.


  • Dacid says:

    Email me with further details on and I will work through with you how we can get your money back. The CSA are well out of order. I am a Specialist in such matters.


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