Crooked CSA finding loopholes to steal my money!

September 10, 2018

I have been to court recently over a shortfall of £275 in payments from 2006 till £2010 which I accepted and had no problem paying.Now I have received a bill for over £4000 claiming that I have not paid a penny since £2016.I told them I have proof of payment through my bank and I will gladly send it in to them to prove I have paid.They have told me even with this proof it won’t make a difference as I haven’t paid through them.

They have said any parent is entitled to their help to sort issues with payment regardless of which parent it is,so I said “I’m asking you to help” which they responded with the answer “well your in the wrong because you should of payed through us”.So I said the easiest way to sort this is for me to send in my bank statements and my ex to send in hers.Apparently she doesn’t have to do this as it’s me who has the burden of proof.They said that the money I have been paying her could be for anything even tho the reference has CSA maintenance.The agency are crooks and I am going to fight them all the way.I think the reason why they are doing this is because they want there £800 that they have added on in collection fees.The whole system is unfair as I have been a paying parent but to them I am a way of them extorting money in an underhand, unjust,and illegal way.


  • Jonny says:

    You need to pay through the CMS if you are on calc and collect. If you try and get around the fees you’re just gonna end up with arrears. That’ll be your fault

  • Gary wright says:

    Their is only one way that anyone will ever beat the CSA and that’s to prove that their is a pattern that shows up where most people’s cases are a carbon copy of the next persons case meaning how arrears just appear out of the blue.
    Day one original assessments,CSA request certain paperwork,you post it one piece doesn’t make it so assessment cant be done
    CSA simply removed it and denie any knowledge of it,eventually your MP gets involved,what couldn’t be found before suddenly shows up
    Start of your arrears and 1st liability order high enough to get a good hold on you
    Then theirs the magic number out of the blue £4000 arrears anything below £3000 at court could go either way,where you could win and have arrears aquashed
    £3000+ and the rules change as in arrears higher than this are automatic liability orders the CSA know it and this is why you never hear from them until their phantom arrears are a dead cirt Liability order number 2
    Then theirs the how many people posted paperwork but CSA never received it
    How many people were notified about things yet you have no paperwork,which means you failed to act so your at fault,CSA have their copy of you being informed for the courts benefit
    So paper work sent yet never received
    Notified yet you have no knowledge
    Independent examiner always finds you to be at fault due to you not having sent paperwork in when requested,and you were always notified of thing yet failed to act
    This is how the CSA get away with what they get away with so they tamper with paperwork to make you look to be at fault all the time
    And the independent case examiner is like a sponge and takes anything in,surely even he can see their is a pattern to all the cases that get referred to him
    But obviously he just wants his wage at the end of the week and couldn’t give a shit about people’s cases
    Then they fix the card as the saying goes so they win every time by only ever hitting people with arrears high enough for the guaranteed liability order

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