Corrupt CSA are pushing me to the limit

February 21, 2019

I have been threatened, harassed , bullied by the CSA for many years, taking me to court and threatening to take away my drivers licence and also my passport, even the sending me to prison. At this time I was paying through attachments of earnings, they still took me to court. The judge asks why I was here when ???

Even though I was paying continually. I am in my late 50s and still paying CSA. I am still getting letters threatening me for money that the other parents should not be receiving.

This corrupt organisation needs to brought to boot and seen how they are, legal criminals who have the government backing them. They have caused me undue stress and harassment for almost 30 years and this needs to stop ASAP. These people have drawn me towards suicide, constant depression and the loss of a beautiful relationship. Until now I am not sure how long I an take these robbers and bullies until its to late. I am of sound mind but how long can it be until the media uses one of us on the news, with bad news. We must remember that when the CSA came along many fathers took their own lives, and the government have not raised the issue. I wish all my brothers and sisters good luck in the future.