Corrupt CMS doing everything they can to get more money

August 9, 2016

Oh where do I start. When my ex wife asked me to leave, every month for the last 6 months of our marraige. I eventually agreed. We agreed as a maintenence payment I would pay the mortgage. After a few months I went to dig out the paperwork so I could negoiate a new fix term deal and found that it had gone down by £200 for the last 2 months. When I asked where the money had gone I was told it had been spent on a holiday. This happened again and again I had paid over what I agreed. So I went to the CSA and asked how much I should be paying which was considerably less.

So I told her that I would not pay her anymore until I had recouped what she had taken from me. So then she reports me to the CSA for non payment. When I explained to them they were not interested as they would only look at it from when they were contacted. We argeed for months and I ended with a DEO which in the first month left me well under the 60% as my employer made a mistake. I then lost my job and had varying wages they could not work out what I owed. I then went self employed and still had varying wages.

I offered to phone every month with what I had earned to pay the right amount but they would not do this. I went up and down from owing nothing to £95 per week. They continously forgot to account for my 2 children I have with my current wife. Eventually after complaining about the befast office I spoke to a man who agreed that if I provided my year end figures then they would calculate the next year from that and I would pay at this rate. I had during this sought a court order for contact with my children as the ex would stop me from seeing them on any argument we had. Due to the nature of my work it was agreed that I would provide a schedule of which weekends I would have the children and when I had them in holidays. So life was ok. Then the change from CSA to CMS happened.

They re assessed my income and put it at £2500 over what it actually was. I was not allowed to appeal as it was not more than 20%!!! So I now pay a rate based on an amount I dont actually earn and the agreement I previously had is out the window. We then dispute the staying contact. Me and my ex disagreed on how many nights I have them. I have produced the court order and the calendars she has been sent with the weekends and other times I will have my kids as per the court order I have got and this, even though she has not produced any evidence that I have them less, is not good enough.

I had worked out what I should be paying, with the discount, as I will not over pay her as I wont get it back. So as I wont pay what they say I should pay, even though she gets money from me weekly, they have put me in their collection service, charging me 20% and her 4%. Therefore making money from me and her that should go to my children. Now also as they have re assessed my income, which I can not appeal, they have back dated this and I am now over £1000 in arrears. I have continuosly asked them to take me to court so a judge can decide but they refuse to.

So I am all of a sudden massively in arrears, am underpaying as they wont accept my evidence, even the evidence from her saying its fine to go with what I have told them for over night stays. Have another DEO given to someone I dont actually work for!!! I give up with these people. They are clearly out to make money from people as everytime I have attempted to speak with them, I am over spoken and have words put in my mouth so that they can get their own way. I have never not paid, always responded to phone calls and letters. Not once have I tried to hide from them. This month so far I have 8 letrers from them!!!! 8!!!! This is yet another corrupted government department and there seems to be nothing NWC can do to stop them!!!


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  1. John on August 16th, 2016 12:51 pm

    Make an appointment with your M.P. take all your paperwork with you, and ask your to refer your case to the Parliamentary Ombudsmans office, on the grounds of prolonged and continued maladministration, there will then be a detailed inquiry regarding your circumstances. Don’t let the matter drop with your M.P. if there are any other CSA problems.

    You have to be on their case 24/7. Complain, complain, complain.

    They cannot handle/deal with anyone whose arguments are factual and constructive. Question everything regarding your case.

    Thankfully, I am out of this shambolic/ sh-t system now, but I argued with them and got everything in writing, as evidence of their incompetence.

    Seems nothing has changed! Good luck!

  2. mark downer on April 20th, 2017 7:27 pm

    Hello. I am having a similar problem with these rascals.

    My ex complaimed I had not been paying her and out of the blue without contacting me i get a DEO .

    I speak to them and send them proof I have paid they agree but advise I still have to use there collect services at 20%

    This is the same as the police saying we agree yoy did not commit that crime but we will fine you any way!!

  3. Mark Jones on April 21st, 2017 10:43 pm

    Mark. Feel your pain mate. Been having the same arguement for years with them. When they changed from the CSA to the CMS they seemingly plucked a figure out of thin air and told me I owed them arrears. Despite my many requests to provide me with the information as to how this figure was made up, they have still failed to inform me.
    As such I pay my ex every week. Without fail, what I owe for my 2 kids. They insist that I still have to pay their charges for collecting the money from me, even though they dont, as I dont pay my arrears with my regular payment.
    They are a joke mate. I have stood my ground and despite the many threats to take me to court and send me to prison they never have. I get a call about every 3 to 6 months and we go over the same ground. They evwn refuse to give me the discount I am owed for having my children over night as the court order I got to have them does not have specific dates and states I provide her with the dates every year. I have provided evidence of this and they tell me it os not enough for them, even though she can not prove I dont??
    Stand your ground mate. The DEO should be removed as it was placed their in error and they have admitted that. You should also be taken off their collection service as they do not collect and have no need to.
    I am lucky as I am self employed now and they can not touch me with such things, evem though they claim that they will take the money from my Private limited company, which is something they can not do. They are rude, unprofessional and generally shit at what they do and in all honesty I think they make shit up so they can make money??!!
    Stand your ground mate because as and when they do take you to court you can prove you pay what you own and they will look very stupid indeed. Thats if they actually take you to court. Think I have been waiting 3 years now!!!
    Good luck mate.

  4. Andrew on June 1st, 2019 7:06 pm

    I’ve been paying arrears for over a decade but I strangely still owe arrears. They are taking £500.00 for the next 4 months which I can’t afford. That leaves me with less than 800. 00 a month to live on which you can’t. Credit rating has gone down by 40% in a few weeks, can’t get credit and I’ve only got £10.00 in the bank for 4 weeks. The manager and staff lied to me on the phone saying there was no private arrangement although they gave me the mother’s bank details. There telling me how much to pay for my kids but you can’t tell them. The government in this country are never to be trusted and they are not here to get rid of poverty but they create poverty on a massive scale. Greed is the make up of the CMS. There is a wage in this country that’s supposed to support you but it doesn’t and never will then they make you poorer having no care in the world for your other children, they are disgusting not even my local mp can help because it’s all corruption in and out. Disgusting

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