Complaint against CSA Bolton office

September 25, 2012


I am complaining about the reallocation of money that my daughter’s father DOES pay. I have also contacted BBC Watchdog and to my local MP.

This extract from a letter adds to a formal complaint already in the system.

The letter reads:

“I would like to add to the formal complaint that you have attempted to close in the last week. The complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved. In fact the situation has worsened. I spoke to a member of staff at the Child Support Agency on Monday 17th September and also received a letter dated 12th September which outlines a new payment plan. I am disgusted by some of the things that I have been told.

Mr M(my daughter’s father) has two children who he supports through CSA payments. I communicate both with Mr M and the other parent (Miss C) so I am well aware of what is happening with payments. As you can see, they will both receive a copy of this letter along with my MP.

In the letter that you sent, outlining the new payment plan, it says “Please remember that we will always pass payments on to you within one week of receiving them.” This is clearly untrue. Mr M paid the June payment (as he always does through deductions of earnings). You received that payment (I had this confirmed to me on many occasions by CSA employees). The payment was then allocated elsewhere (also confirmed on a number of occasions). Neither I nor Miss C received a payment for June. It was allocated somewhere within the CSA or to an external recipient. I have recently been told that money can be taken by the government, rather than passed on. It did not come to either parent of the children it is supposed to support. I want to know where this money went. Please can you provide this information?

I also did not receive a payment in August. This, I was told, was also allocated elsewhere. I have been told that it is likely that my September payment will also be allocated elsewhere and that I should not expect a payment until the October start to a new payment schedule. As deductions of earnings are involved, this may not reach me until late the following month. Why is this? Where is this money going?

As you can see from the table below, in a 6 month period, I may only receive 2 payments. Mr M has always paid. He has not missed any payments, but they are not being passed on to me! To only receive 2 payments across a half year period is devastating! The fact that I have been misinformed that these payments are on their way means that I have taken out loans. Luckily, I have not been forced to take out high interest payday loans or I would be in a position where I may well lose my home!

May-Payment received and passed on
June-CSA received David McCall’s payment but allocated elswhere July-Payment received and passed on August-CSA received David McCall’s payment but allocated elswhere September-Told not to expect payment October-New payment plan should be set up but as deductions of earnings are involved, the employer has until 19th November to pass money on to CSA so I may not be sent the money until late November/Early December

My other concern as well as the fact that I have not received payments and will probably continue not to do so, is that the letter suggests that Mr M should make higher payments to compensate for the money that I have not received. I know that he has also received a phonecall suggesting that he is a non-payer. How can this be the case when it is deducted from his earnings and your employees confirm to me on a monthly basis that they have receieved payments? Mr M should not be the one compensating for the missed payments. The CSA should. They have allocated the money to somewhere other than the children in the case. Please can you make sure that the team responsible for the payment schedule are aware of the fact that Mr M has not missed any of these recent payments and, as far as I know, any payments in the past. Please can they be asked to adjust his payment schedule accordingly?

I am extremely angry at this situation. It has affected me terribly. The lack of money for important things such as school uniform has caused stress in the household. The fact that I have had to borrow money from family and relay the contradicting updates from the CSA has been extremely embarrassing. One day, I tell my family the money is going to be released soon (because that’s what I am told) so I will be able to pay back loans. Later, I have to explain that I may not see any more money until December.

I hope that I will receive a swift response, explaining where the money for June was sent along with information about the later payments. I also expect you to look at the payment plan set up for October in regard to Mr M’s payment record, which is not an issue. He has been paying. You have not been passing the money on.”

I hope CSA Hell can help me. I don’t know where to turn. Thank you!!


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  1. Carol on September 25th, 2012 12:59 pm

    That is awful and if it was not for the fact that you are able to speak with your ex and the other pwc things could be bad! For the CSA to say for your ex to pay more to compensate is disgusting. It’s their error.

    When CSA collect payments by DEO the employer has until 19th of the following month to send all monies to CSA and then they are supposed to go out to the pwc. Is the employer actually passing the funds over to the csa?

    Is there any opportunity you and the other pwc would withdraw your claim for maintenance from the CSA and get a private agreement? Soon enough this shambolic Agency is to charge people for this service – that in itself is shocking when it doesn’t work just now!!

    You should request from the CSA a statement breakdown which should show the assessment in place, the monies received and then paid to you.

    Have you got your MP involved to also help?

  2. j on September 25th, 2012 5:50 pm

    You may be forgiven for thinking that the csa is an ‘illegal’ organisation providing a safe haven for the ‘criminally insane’. I’m sure this is not the case, its more likely that the csa, a branch of the DWP, is an organisation formed initially by the last labour government and supported by the current conservative government, led by ian duncan smith, and at the behest of the uk civil service, to provide employment for people who would be unlikely to find work in the private sector. Perhaps this is because they are all incompetent or it may simply be that there are no jobs in certain areas and the csa helps ‘massage’ the unemployment figures. This would explain the location of csa offices in areas of high unemployment. Where the money goes is anybody’s guess, illegal wars? Attacks on countries that have not attacked us? Support for terrorist organisations? Aid to countries that don’t need it? Bailouts for bankers? Bonusus for csa mandarins? The ICE is also a part of the DWP and seems to exist to protect the malfunctions of the csa. Politicians are powerless to intervene and dont seem to care anyway. The uk courts have no authority over this organisation. None of this may cheer you up but you seem like a caring and fair individual. I hope you get a result in your own case and also that your experience will encourage you to help others suffering at the hands of this disgusting organisation.

  3. wilf on September 25th, 2012 8:42 pm

    The CSA started operation in 1993 but was conceived under the administration of Margaret Thatcher prior to this date.

  4. j on September 25th, 2012 10:28 pm

    wilf on September 25th, 2012 8:42 pm

    The CSA started operation in 1993 but was conceived under the administration of Margaret Thatcher prior to this date.

    …and tony bliar and his cronies could have scrapped it, but didn’t! Just like nu liebor didn’t scrap the fuel tax escalator, another tory ‘scam’. “all in it together”? I should think so.

  5. KMcQ80 on September 26th, 2012 9:19 am

    BBC’s watchdog might be interested in this thread regarding ‘Mr Happy’ or Anthony ‘Stig’ Pilkington of Bolton CSA.

    Well done in trying to get the media on-board!

  6. John on September 26th, 2012 10:54 am

    Are you sure that one of the CSA staff hasn’t stolen it as they seem to be able to. There was a CSA worker who was convicted of doing this recently I’m not sure how she was caught. Call the police and file a complaint the more pressure you can put on them the better. If you can get the case workers names and case number through a freedom of information request you would be able to make a specific theft allegation against a specific person with the police. It costs £10 to do that but would be money well spent. Maybe they would then be able to interview the person under caution.

  7. j on September 26th, 2012 12:18 pm

    KMcQ80 on September 26th, 2012 9:19 am
    BBC’s watchdog might be interested in this thread regarding ‘Mr Happy’ or Anthony ‘Stig’ Pilkington of Bolton CSA.

    John on September 26th, 2012 10:54 am
    Are you sure that one of the CSA staff hasn’t stolen it as they seem to be able to. There was a CSA worker who was convicted of doing this recently I’m not sure how she was caught. Call the police and file a complaint the more pressure you can put on them the better.

    Both good and valid points. Unfortunately we seem to live in a world gone mad. While the media SHOULD be involved in investigating an organisation as morally bereft as the csa its unlikely they will as most of the press (including the beeb) will do what their political masters tell them, just look at some of the ‘biased’ reporting over the years on our involvement in attacking countries that have posed NO threat to us. As for the police, ha, this is the same organisation that can shoot an innocent man in the head and get away with it, that can cause the death of an innocent man trying to get home through a crowd and get away with it. This is the kind of ‘democracy’ we are trying to impose at the point of a gun in the middle east.

    The lady complaining about Bolton is an innocent victim, her ex is an innocent victim, (as are most people complaining on this site) both have acted properly and have been let down by the government department responsible. If there is any legal action it should be against ian duncan smith and the civil servant in charge of the DWP, then you might get the media interested.

  8. brett on September 26th, 2012 8:19 pm

    Yes I remember “Mr Happy” aka Anthony “Stig” Pilkington. The CSA thief, well they’re all thiefs, but the one that was arrested, charged and sent to prison was Clair Jones. Type her name in and see what she looks like……..

  9. chall on September 27th, 2012 7:49 am


    Can you confirm;

    How long have both your ex’s cases been open with the CSA?

    Where either you or the other PWC in receipt if benefits prior to the full benefit disregard being introduced in April 2010?

    Does your ex have arrears on either or both of his cases?

    Does the DEO your ex pays include an amount for arrears repayment?

    If your ex has arrears on his case dating to before April 2010 and either PWC in the case was in receipt of benefits, the majority of the arrears would be owed to the Secretary of State and would need repaying by the NRP.
    If this is the case, any regular maintenance should still be paid to the PWC’s prior to the amount for arrears being relocated to any arrears.

    An employer has until 19th of the following month in which the deduction was taken to send the DEO to CSA.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  10. J on April 27th, 2014 7:20 pm

    Reading the above it seems like I am not the only one having CSA Bolton issues. The whole dept is a joke. My case went ‘clerical’ over 6 months ago and it has been a hell ever since. Firstly the telephone manner of the Bolton office is a disgrace. They couldn’t explain anything to me, and came across as unprofessionals hired by a temping agency. One manager had the audacity to seemingly be eating while roughly saying down the phone to me ‘it’s gone clerical, it’s gone clerical’. After that highly upsetting encounter, I immediately approached my local councillor who then put me in touch with my MP. The MP contacted the relevant people, and CSA Falkirk contacted me. Falkirk have been very good and are trying their best, but seem powerless to release any money as this is done from the Bolton side so it appears. Thus it’s been a vicious circle. Bolton have messed up at every turn. Losing my bank details, sending incorrect standing order firms to my ex etc etc. My ex has made payments and Bolton told Falkirk they had paid me via cheque (not a payment method as nearly all money gets paid electronically now) and I have NEVER received any cheque. I have had to go back to my MP again and this complaint is now being raised with Professor Webb MP, Minister of Pensions. The complaint is being escalated further and higher, but I am highly worried the money is lost in some void. Or worse still been stolen, as highlighted in the above posts. It just criminal the way this shoddy agency at Bolton is run. If the average person defaulted on any everyday payment you would incur charges, or worse still be summonsed to court. The people at the top need to be held accountable for how they are running the CSA. In the meantime I will keep chasing and hope that my children get the money that is rightfully for them very soon…. I wait with baited breath….

  11. MrWhitey on September 5th, 2015 1:44 am

    From The Economist, Pay as you go Government…

    And this is really what we’re up against here boys and girls, the reason for the imaginary ‘arrears’, payments not being made to the PWC even though the NRP is paying, probably though a DEO…

    Stay strong, we will win.

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