CMS not taking pension contributions off gross earnings

June 21, 2021

My CMS review came round at the end of February 2021 and to my surprise even though my earnings had gone up £2,000 I was hit with a monthly increase of £125.

Unfortunately I had received shares from my company that had matured and I sold some of the shares to pay the tax. The rest has stayed invested. Very little money came my way. Also when I did the calculation on the CMS figures I found out the pension contributions had not been dedicated. The two amounts had added £6,000 to my assessment for the year. My P60 was showing over £33,000 gross pay.

I phoned CMS to query the figures every week for a month and added messages on the online forum. Documents were provided with breakdowns. More calls followed. Was directed to HMRC wrongly for a fix. Letter was sent, followed by another to appeal decision.

Now over 3 months later and hours of calls and messages latter written and also sent online, there is still no fix. CMS want the figures re-submiting to HMRC by my employer who has no idea how to do this and payroll department is in India. Again, hours of time spent on a fix. citizens advice had no answers. Employer’s would not send a breakdown to HMRC as CMS said they needed. HMRC did not reply to my letter asking for help. P60 only shows the tax paid and not a breakdown of all earnings as CMS said they needed, despite me forwarding my payslip for week 52 that contains all this.

I have now sort an accountant to see if we can re-submit using UTR SA302 and ask HMRC to register for a self assessment. I will be writing to CMS telling them of my actions and informing them I wish to go to a independent court of appeal. All this has taken its toll on me and affected my work and relationship with my girlfriend. It is costing me money I don’t have and I now don’t sleep and suffer from depression. I was also in an abusive relationship when I was married and this situation not being fairly dealt with in a timely manner brings back all the painful memories of why I had to leave.

I don’t know if this can be fixed and eventually I may leave employment. Their booklet highlights the pension contributions should be dedicated from the gross figure but they will not do this. I have missed lots of relevant info in this read, but wanted to highlight the barriers and poor service cms give and the tricks they use. My employer Amazon is of no help either and lacks care or compassion. Hopefully I can get a fix but I doubt I like so many will achieve it. Something needs to change as the system is unfair.


  • Carl says:

    Go to NACSA and ask them to query this. You have to pay for a consultation, they are cheaper and more effective on child maintenance law than a solicitor. Ask the cms for your case file and have NACSA look into it. I’m sure they will be able to help. I have not personally used them yet but will be once my case file comes back to me.

  • Harry says:

    Hello, has CMS finally actioned your request to deduct your pension contributions from your gross earnings?

  • Harry says:

    I’m in the same situation where CMS is not helping at all

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