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CMS emptied my friend’s accounts twice unlawfully

The CMS were deducting payments from a friend’s wages until he lost his job. He was suffering from severe depression at the time and it was six months before he managed to get the CMS to accept that he was no longer earning. In that time he was living off a redundancy payment (less than the threshold for income tax). After another three months he got some one-off consultancy work which gave him a lump sum. He still takes a small monthly wage from that. The CMS did not accept his changes in income and emptied his bank account last November to pay arrears. Since he found dealing with them so difficult due to his mental health problems, he nominated his lawyer as his representative. The lawyer has tried to resolve the matter and has both provided them with tax returns and wage slips, and submitted a complaint but the CMS do not communicate with him effectively and send contradictory letters. My friend has just had his account emptied again. How can we get through to the CMS that his income is not what they think so they now owe him money? There is only so much his mental heath team can do if he continues to be persecuted by a state agency. Any help would be very welcome.

3 thoughts on “CMS emptied my friend’s accounts twice unlawfully

  1. At this moment the CMS seem to be able to do what they like . I actually had a recorded phone call (without their knowledge so could not use in court) of my case worker saying hes right, but we need pretend we have not received the info or we dont get any money!!

    They are fraudulant and it will come to light one day.

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