CMS does what it wants and needs to be accountable!

November 7, 2019

My story is in relation to the hell that the current CMS system has put us through for nearly the past year! Firstly, my parter was falsely accused of Domestic Assault, which didn’t happen by his ex-wife, and all because she knew he was starting divorce proceedings against her, and that we were buying a house together also! A lot of what she did has been due to jealousy over the girls they had and the lifestyle we have away from her!

She sunk to the lowest form and contacted these CMS scumbags, just so she could make a profit of having children! These arseholes use a really crap calculation going on previous earnings from last year! Firstly this is not a fair calculation, as everyone earns different amounts each year, and secondly they kept sending conflicting payment schedules varying from different amounts each month! I would also like to point out that they always favour the lying…I mean Receiving Parent, she firstly lied once about the amount of nights the girls stay with us, then lied again saying that they only stayed with us 2 nights a week, when they stayed with us for 3 or more nights a week! It clearly states on the forms that if you lie on the form then you will be punished with £1000 fine or court, so my question is why don’t these money grabbing scumbags inflict the same punishment on the RP? None of what they do is fair on the paying parent!

Our hell with these losers does not end there, as the ex failed to provide her bank details for months, not to forget she cost my partner over £1000 in court fees and legal costs due to her lies! Back in August they then issued my partner with another payment schedule saying that he was to pay £263/month which is more affordable than the ridiculous amounts they kept coming up with like over £500/month, and then said he had arrears of £110 which was easy to pay off! Then these arseholes sent my partner another letter after the last letter saying that he was being placed on an illegal DEO, of £591/month, which is ridiculous and wrong as he had been paying up to then, also they then decided that he now had arrears of £1600! I understand that CSA was shut down due to bad accounting, however CMS seem to not learn from their past mistakes! Where the hell do they come off making up false and fictitious arrears and making the paying parent’s life hell?!

I would like to state that children living with the paying parent are worth a lot more that the measly 11/12% reduction in CMS, and this figure needs to equal to 50%! Please tell me how 12% is fair on the biological children living with the paying parent! Yet again CMS are failing families and children all over!

We have emailed this useless agency stating that we can’t afford the extortion, and have complained to them using our MP, and they have failed to answer all our complaints which included, unfairness and treatment of my partner, an explanation into why the arrears jumped up to £1600 from £110, conflicting payment schedules on a monthly basis, and just genuine rubbish handling of his case!

I would like to see CMS investigated to the fullest extent, as yet again they have failed to explain the fictitious arrears, and fully respond to their own incompetence and bad mathematical skills to come up with the poor formula that financially rapes the paying parent of everything they have! They are failing in every aspect, & clearly do not have the children’s best interest at heart!
They don’t enforce that the money to the RP is being spent on the children, when it has been proven time and time again that CMS is paying for the ex’s lifestyle!

I am a big believer in a legal and normal 50/50 shared parenting! Children deserve both equal time with their mother and father, in order for them to grow and develop into stable adults. What I don’t believe in is this self-entitled crap that most women believe is theirs for the taking, when it really isn’t! I do not believe that having children is a profitable way of earning an income, which is what CMS is about! Why should fathers mainly suffer due to a toxic mother’s intent at destroying him financially and ruining his relationship with the children! Sole custody should no longer be in the mothers hands, and this should be 50/50 equal parenting, with no child support needed! The family legal system needs to be reformed, as this is in the children’s best interests!


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