CMS are going to bankrupt me and they don’t care

July 15, 2018

ELP NEEDED – I have been bulldozed and bullied by the CMS stating that I owe x amount of money a week, due to them taking my earnings from HMRC however last year I had just become Self-employed and my accountant only just submitted my end of year accounts. So what are they basing their information on? Being self employed I have a lot of outgoings and I responded to the CMS by supplying them with my monthly budget I can only afford to keep up my normal maintenance weekly payments and not the extra amount of arrears on top.

I phone the CMS to tell them this and they said send in your accounts. Which I did via special delverly with a spread sheet of my budget and outgoings. A few weeks passed and I had no reply to my letter, just 3x letters sent on June 29 by arriving on July 5th stating that they have proceeded with an DEO (deductions form Earnings Order) Collect and pay. Last time they bullied me with collecting arrears it lead to my bankruptcy in 2015, which was very distressing and devastating. I lost all my assets. Which in the end was my car and any value of my ex-s house. If they proceed again I will end up bankrupt, depressed and it will destroy everything I had built up over the last 3 years as it will lead into my debt, and depressing and working 24/7 trying to stay afloat.

This is causing me a lot of stress in my life and with my new partner and the CMS are not listening to any reason and don’t care. My last conversation with the CMS, they stone walled me and said: “Thats our decision and its final and you cant appeal”. Surely I can do something about it? If don’t have the money I can’t pay. Does anyone know what else I can do in this situation?? Would a Lawyer help? Does anyone know of any legal or know what my rights are? Who can I turn too?


  • Ross whitehead says:

    I’ve been accused of been the farther of a child I didn’t even know existed,it has taken me three years to force the mother to court to obtain a dna test. I have had to pay child maintenance for this child, not knowing if it’s mine. One thing I have learnt is that you should not speak to the cams on the phone, tell them that if they want to ask you something, to put it in writing, they’record all calls and you don’t have a copy, they hate writing letters as this takes time, time they don’t have, so if they call you, be polite and tell them that please put your requests in writing and hang up, write them lots of letters about anything you need to know and keep copies of everything you send and receive,overload them with questions, remember you must have everything in writing. It is very important. The more we overload there system the sooner this corrupt natzi organisation will collapse.

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