Child Support state I haven’t paid enough when I can prove I can

April 4, 2019

Once I stepped outta prison I was slammed with a childsupport payment by two different county’s. between the two they garnished $1,009 a month which it was no problem, if I owe then so be it. My Kids is one case are now 35 and 34 years old. I’ve asked for full audits from them both and what I got was what they call a simple audit which tell me nothing of what I need to file a case. Besides one child shouldn’t be on any case because her case was separate and I some how have payed that one off but they threw her in with the other child’s case. Their simple audit says I’ve only payed a total of 22,000. I myself on their wed site I can only go back as far as 4/06/2006 for payment history. So without 6 1/2 years missing I’ve payed them over $85,000. They have suspended my drivers lic. and I’ve been arrested for it and lost my vehicle and it was their mistake because the payments are taken straight out of my disability check. I need help. Please.