Child Support Agency are robbing bastards

December 15, 2011

The csa have finally got their act together and started working on me! I was made redundant 2 years ago and had to stop paying the csa as it coming out of my wages. i claimed job seakers and they started taking £5 a week out of that ( im sure thats illegal as it put me under the government standard of living level) anyway after 6 months of no work i managed to get a job in another part of the country. I also found a new partner and subsequently moved in with her and her 2 kids. I informed hmrc and csa i had moved and got work.

They said they will sort everything out and be in touch soon i called several times and they just said they would be in touch so in the mean time cos i didnt have contact with my kids as my ex is a bitch and wont answer her phone to me so i can speak to my kids ( i live over 200 miles away from them) i bought both my kids mobile phones and sent them to them so i could keep in touch and talk to them and ask if they needed anything! I would send them clothes shoes toys and sweets whenever they wanted or needed them i also keep their mobiles topped up every month and when i did get to see them i would give them some money to spend on what ever they wanted.

After almost 18 months of waiting the csa have now pounced and are demanding 8k in back pay plus £42 what they say i should pay every week ive tried talking to them but they are just the most horrible self centred unhelpful bunch of wankers i have ever come across! they now want to take 40% of my wage £97.88pw!

I dont earn a great deal only £243 pw and thats going to cripple me. my partner has just gone through her divorce and has just bought the house we live in and she is terrified that she will lose her home cos of me! im scared too cos its nothing to do with her only me! this could potentially ruin my relationship leave me homeless and jobless all cos the csa are robbing B*****ds and dont care about nrp’s situations. im so angry and so depressed its made me ill i cant sleep i cant eat properly and when i do eat i get very bad stomach pains and cramps. its driving me insane i just dont know what to do or how im going to do it.

Im sorry for the moan but ive no one else to turn to my whole world has just turned upside down! thanks CSA for ruining not just my life but the life of my kids and new family.


  • John says:

    It’s understandable that you are angry. I am because I got stitched up with £6500 arrears, and it was THEIR fault. They are scum.

    Go to your M.P. and ask that your repayments are reduced and paid over longer. Ask your M.P. to ask for a review of your case and tell him everything that the lowlife incompetent CSA have done to you!

  • Terry norris says:

    I feel for you to mate,my bitch of an ex got those wankers onto me back in may this year…I’m forced to pay £320 a month for one child whom i have seen just one day this yr.The scumbag CSA even include my car allowance in their calculations,despite it being provided to pay and run and maintain my car that gets me to my job everyday.These cock suckers do not give a shit about NRP,s neither do the bitch mothers that’s use the kids as money cows.
    They pick on the likes of you and I because we are honest…..too honest for our own good…..we are easy meat for them to steal as much money as they can from to keep the fucking secretary of state happy,and the money has to be got from us mugs because they can’t be bothered to track down the wanker fathers that go out of their way to ovoid any payment what’s so ever for their kids.what really fucks me off and makes me so bitter is the whore I was stupid to marry has another kid by another bloke..and she has never chased him or reported him to the CSA for money…Why because he’s a loser and a tosser that she’s knows don’t give a shit,but me being mr nice is easy meat,so she files a claim against me.lastly I could spit blood knowing that I have no control over how my money im forced to pay is spent,neither have I the right to know,the fucking CSA don’t give a shit that only a small percent of my money is actually spent on my daughter,the rest goes in the tarts bin and the wanker she lives with to fund their extra night out and packets of fags each week.makes me soooo angry beyond believe…the injustice and unfairness of this shit system called the CSA and the assholes that use it .It don’t help dads stay in touch and be close to their kids… just drives a huge bitter wedge between them and it’s all the CSA,s fault…WANKERS !!!!

  • Emma says:

    They are doing the same to us – saying we never informed them of a change of circumstances so for 3 yrs they left £550.00 a month building up before contacting us and are now taking us to court on the 5th january for a final charging order on our home. our baby is due next week – they say we refuse to pay but we have been making voluntary payments to try and show willing but because we cannot pay £18K back in 2 yrs they are not interested. I cant believe in this day and age people are treated like this

  • Terry norris says:

    It’s fucking disgusting the way these assholes treat you…sorry for my choice or words..but that’s how they make me feel.Yours along with soooo many other cases are happening all the time,these scum think they are above the law and a law to themselves and it certainly seems to be the case,how in gods name can they allow such an arrears to mount up through no fault of your own and just expect it payed back….just like that…I tell you if I thought I could get away with it…..I’d council all the the CSA workers and force them to get a moral job, burn all the CSA depts and hang the assholes responsible for dreaming up this shit,unfair,unjust highway robbery system called the CSA…..I’m dreading my future in chains with them.will they dream up arrears that I’m not allowed to question or will a letter drop through my door telling me I owe thousands despite the money coming out of my wages every month ???

  • kelly says:

    you new they were on your back the day you told them of your changes, the information of the percentage they would take is readily available on websites and leaflets relating to csa…. you should have saved the money to one side and when you purchased anything for the children kept the receipts this way they would not be able to charge you anything other than the amount after the goods you bought for them … you must get tax credits as you are entitled so I don’t believe that the amount you state is your only income. If it is then you have a problem because you are missing out on what you are entitled and I don’t think they will give you back pay!

    It may seem harsh but at the end of the day common sense should have told you to prepare for it.. The money you have already given them unless you have proof of what you bought or your ex agrees it, you are screwed as for any money/arrears above what you purchased then you allowed this to build up as it was obvious it would take some time to set up csa have millions of cases not just yours! so you now have to pay. as simple as that.

    My council tax bill has not been processed yet since a change in my circumstances does that mean I shouldn’t pay anything for the dates before I receive the bill errm NO! it wont stand

    csa are helping me by encouraging my ex to contribute to our sons up keep he again this week tells me he can’t afford the £16 (he has to pay per week) but yet he told me himself he can not have his son Saturday as he has a night out planned! I am sure that this will cost him more than £16.. his night out is worth it, yet his son is not?
    I sympathise with very few people n this forum as the csa is an excellent service that may need tweaking a little but the way the majority of you on this forum complain is way over the top!!! you are just passing the blame!

  • A decent-woman says:

    It needs more than a tweak!

    So glad we found a way out of the system, my husband never had any arrears they just started to add a bit on here and there, eventually it went up from £500 to over £1000 in the space of a few days and I am not stretching the truth. We too didn’t want a life in chains with the CSA, we feared what more was to come, as he had “illegal” DEO upon his wages (which gives them the power to add these made up arrears. They give no explanation for the made up arrears simply because they do not have an explanation its just an excuse to claw in more money to make up for the ones they cannot catch up with.

    We are quite happy to pay what was due, without the added extras, and would have been even happier if the lazy scutter ex worked instead of sitting on the sofa watching Jeremey Kyle and “Smoking”. My husbands child came to us dressed in dirty, scruffy clothes that were too small, shoes with big holes in and was quite often unfed!!

    When we are allowed to have her as the ex has always used her as a weapon against him even when he was paying CSA, we buy her nice clothes, toys and look after her properly. If we could have her full time we gladly would, and would want nothing from the State, the CSA or the Ex.

    The CSA is not fit for purpose, it needs disbanding, it wrecks lifes, destroys relationships and no amount of tweaking will every make it anything other than a complete and utter shambles!.

  • emma says:

    terry – its all so convenient for them though isnt it ! naively we rang them to tell them of our change of circumstances as we stupidly at the time hadnt had too many problems with them. They informed the pwc of the change as when i collected stepdaughter she told me she knew her dad had lost his job because the csa had told mum. my husband didnt work for nearly a year and then set up self employed. now they wont accept his 2 yrs tax return income and are basing the arrears from his employment days. Now wanting money off us that he just simply hasnt earned. Now they say they have never known of a change of circumstances etc etc and this is how the arrears have built up. to add insult to injury we were on friendly terms with the pwc during this time and out of my salary i bought things for stepdaughter, paid for school dinners, uniforms, trips etc etc, she is a teenage so the list is endless. obviously now the pwc is aware of these arrears all communications have broken down and when i submitted a spread sheet to the csa of purchases all she agreed to was £100.00 !!! so thats all the csa will take off the arrears. so now we face a xmas wondering what will happen on the 5th jan and obviously i have to give birth in the next week or so and all we are told by the csa is “dont worry Mr XXXX we will take your home ”

    Kelly – Merry xmas to you

  • John says:

    CSA is a complete shambles! So, an NRP is paying what the CSA asks them to pay. Years later the CSA sned letters out saying that you are in arrears for thousands of pounds How is that fair? How is an NRP supposed to be getting on with their lives, when they having the incompetent scum of the CSA on their backs ALL of the time!

    £3.7 billion remains uncollected! People over-paying! People under-paying and people not paying at all!

    Both parents should provide for their children, but it has absolutely nothing to do, with Politicians OR Civil servants, with their crap system, that systemically targets those who pay and don’t bother with those who NEVER pay!

    I got stitched up with £6,500 of debt because of a CSA mistake! Yeah right! They makearrears up as they go along! It’s a scam!

  • kelly says:

    Emma – Merry xmas (without sarcasm)

    Like I stated it needs tweaking you have told them of a change and even if you didn’t as long as you can prove it then they should accept the proof and drop the arrears and if they don’t then this is where they need change…please note I stated majority not you and I am entitled to an opinion same as everyone. your experience is the opposite to Jason’s, your circumstances have changed for the worse his changed for the better surely this tells him that eventually he would get a bill!! you however have told them of the change and it seems that they have not noted the information down they may have failed you but majority of people on here have failed themselves and their children but they choose to pass the blame to the csa

  • Hayley says:

    I agree, the csa should not have taken this long to deal with your case.

    However you should of complained, and kept in touch regulary to keep an eye on the situation, sent letters recorded delivery..
    You knew you would have to pay eventually and the longer it went on, the more arrears you would have, surely??

    Its like not paying your mortgage for three years… you think you would be able to wipe the slate clean and not pay? What did you really think would happen?

    I would suggest to start paying the regular maintainence and pay an extra £20.00 weekly off the arrears. They are your kids and your the dad, you need to step up and support them financially.

    In regards to visitation, see a solicitor regarding access.

  • John says:

    It has nothing to do with ME informing the CSA of any changes of my circumstances. It was THEIR fault, because the CSA made errors with my case, and according to you, I have to just put up with it!

    Since 2000 the CSA have made 21 errors with my case. Upto 2005 they made 15 errors, 5 of which were serious, bordering on criminal. The CSA executive promiesed me in 2005 that the CSA would improve.

    In 2009 they stitched me up with £6,500 worth of debt because of another mistake!

    You have your opinion, I have proof of my opinion, that the CSA is a complete shambles!

  • kelly says:

    Jason – I have proof they have helped me! so they are not all bad. my opinion was formed from how you presented your first post and if the information you have provided in that is as you state then my opinion still stands the same.

    your post…….. after 6 months of no work i managed to get a job in another part of the country. I also found a new partner and subsequently moved in with her and her 2 kids. I informed hmrc and csa i had moved and got work.
    They said they will sort everything out and be in touch soon i called several times and they just said they would be in touch…….After almost 18 months of waiting the csa have now pounced and are demanding 8k in back pay plus £42

    The csa told you they was processing your case and they would be in touch that tells me ‘they will process your case and get in touch’ not they will process your case and in the mean time you don’t need to pay nothing.No one is that gullible surely? I am sorry but your post gives me the impression you are using this as a scapegoat.

  • kelly says:

    I am confused?? I have just realised I am debating with John but I have replied to Jason’s post! I thought you was the same person obviously not… my posts have related to my opinion of jason’s situation not john’s…

    John… I have no opinion of your case as you have not wrote a lot of details relating

  • janet says:

    Haha illegal taking five pounds off jobseekers! What a disgrace you are to society many people hold down fulltime jobs! To support the children and people moan having five pounds off them and as for arrears you knew the day you started work they’d take it into account so why didn’t you use the online calculator?? And save it oh I forgot you bought talk time

  • Christian says:

    the are nasty Nazis!
    all they care about is themselves!
    they dont care about kids, they are selfish!
    fucked in the head and if i get my way i break their back
    once and for all. they are no better than the third reich freisler!
    they dont give decent people a chance at all to live!

  • Christian says:

    they call them selves caring and lookingn after people, they extort money from anybody they always can, they dont listen to nobody then they even say that i have to proove that my daughter is my daughter. i will go for them so harsh
    nasty people nasty people

  • Christian says:

    the nazis took everyting away from others, they do the same not much better
    i so hope then will go bankrupt!”

  • Christian says:

    if women cant afford children dont have them!
    until you can .

  • stephen says:

    i was paying £208.50 a month in regular payments for last 18 months and topping it up to £250.00 to pay off my arrears which i thought was £3225.00 18 months one ever called or wrote complaining that this wasn`t enough, that was until i lost my job on dec 22 – 2011..i rang csa on jan 5 – 2012 to inform them that i had no work and was applying for jsa and paid £130.00 to keep them happy, which put me £55.00 the csa told me that was fine and they`d b in touch or to let them know if my situation changed..i had no work through jan or feb and finally got a start date for work on 2nd march..meantime i`d signed on by now, but they wanted more info about my self employment prior to x, as i`d found work and was starting in a weeks time i decided not to bother with benefits and closed the claim down..BIG MISTAKE..since then the csa have told me i have to prove i DIDN`T work over the 2 months and have still charged me £417.00 on my well as this i had to savce 5 payslips so they could re-assess my claim as my wages were lower than previous i rang 3 weeks ago to pay £50 off the arrears, it ain`t much but i thought it would help me to pay this plus £25 a week from then till my new amount had been i rang them only to discover that i had one account from 2002 – 2006 at -£1933.13 and one for 2006 – 2012 at – £3225 and they were taking me to court on 23rd April 2012 for £ i paid the £50 so the debt is now £1885.00..when she told me they were still charging me for jan and feb even though i wasn`t earning and living off of my savings and said it wasn`t right for them to do that she said well u owe so much, what difference does a few hundred quid more make…? so i have taken out a loan with bank to pay the £1885.00 to stop the court date..that is £126.00 a month to repay, plus they`ll want £40.00 a week regular payments, plus £3225 arrears over 2yrs is £135.00 a month which totals £421.00 a month, with rent and bills i`ll be living at a cost of minus £18 a week..but this doesn`t bother the csa..they are nasty spiteful ppl who put the fear of god in you to get what they want..been ill for weeks with stress and finding it hard to sleep..when i see my 2 daughters ages 9 and 13 i never have any money to give them or spend on them, they get bored and have started coming down less and less..i`ve asked their mum to come to an agreement with me to just collect the arrears from csa and i`d give her cash to make it up to £230 a month and she said no no no thats not good enough, i`m afraid i`m gonna lose my house in the next couple yrs……so i feel all of your pain men..

  • STEPHEN MCC says:

    The Belfast branch of the CSA sent me a cheque 2 months ago telling me that id over paid, I thought ‘well theres something new’. Today I receive a letter to say that im over £3000 in arrears……. Ive always payed through a DEO so how can this have possibly happened??? When i rang they fobbed me off with a story about one of my girls being accidently taken off in an assessment in June 2010, which id never been informed off in the first place!!! Looking through the statments they sent me since that date i see that my daughters name is still on them!! and my wages department at work has never been informed of any changes from them!! robbing cunts!!

  • chris says:

    today i gave my job up because of the csa taking money and i cant afford to live. i agree with paying child maintenance but not when im over paying. i got put on light duties in work due to stress as my wife lied to the courts to get a restraining order on me. filed for devorce and set the csa on me. anyway light duties in work for so long they cut my pay and the csa wasnt interested as long as they got their money. i had to quit work because i have solicitors fees and court fines to pay for because my wife is nasty scum.

  • Steve says:

    I love my little girl dearly and I’m happy to contribute to her up bringing. I have regular access, I spend my own money on her also, my family buy her things, infact she wants for nothing.
    Now my issue is , my ex, I say that with gritted teeth, is living with another guy, expecting another child, has two wages coming in, breaks the law by doing cash in hand work, hair dresser, do the CSA care,
    I quote
    ” the mothers circumstances do not come in to the equation. Like I say, I worship my daughter and will do anything for her, sadly my ex has lost all sense of fairness. I’m constantly harassed, bullied, accused of being a bad father, she changes her mind all the time about access and holidays, she enrolled her in a school without telling me, infact she lied, told me it was one which is located in the village where I live.
    In short, the father as always ends up the loser. Women who , for some reason, can’t be civil and are only happy when they are putting dad thru hell . The system is built to feed the woman, there is no support or advice for the fathers. I think the system sucks and thanks to them and her, I don’t sleep, in debt, on anti-depressants, no social life, constant worry, extreme heart ache, anger and self doubt. In a word miserable. My girl was the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

  • Bill says:

    The CSA are an Inept Public Sector Quango, and like all Quangos they chase the easy targets and do just about anything to make themselfs look busy except the task they were set up for. Bonfire of the Quangos Mr Cammeron? you and septig pegg should get your arses in gear and do something about the childrens act, parental alienation syndrome and grow a backbone to sort the problem. Oh hang on youve got windfarm and gay rights to sort first, or is it thats the only issue you can do something about as everything else goes through the United States of Europe.

  • terry scott says:

    Open up a gun shop? The CSA is a utter lie to falsly claim how well the government care for children.

    Protest protest! PROTEST!!!!!!!

  • Mike says:

    I’m on the original system and I’ve been exploited to the max, total bill nearing the end is approx £78,000.00. It would have finished at age 16 but the government being the robbers they are changed the rules and changed the rules and now I’m paying till my kid that I haven’t met yet is 20. I have two pictures of him that I found online and that’s it, I wonder sometimes if I might be dead before I meet him. The bill may sound like I was a high earner but I wasn’t , the most I earned net was £350 p.wk of which usually £120 went to the CSA.i will try legal action once it’s all over but like most victims of the csa I don’t want to tempt fate just yet, I’ve survived 18 yrs so far and stayed employed though ive considered giving up on more than one occasion, the worst I got was when I had a csa officer come to my house and I said either compromise or take everything and I go homeless , I was past caring and had nothing left including no fight left in me. I never had my case transferred to any of the new systems as promised and remain on the 40% gross rule to this day being used as a cashpoint, I’ve probably funded wars with the amount ive paid as I’m sure my son hasn’t seen it all, . My love goes out to anyone suffering this most grand of injustices, there isn’t much in life that’s more unfair than the csa.

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