Child maintenance: total incompetence from CSA!

April 8, 2021

Now after 2 1/2 months this is a total joke.

Started off with covid I lost work, For a start I was not claiming as my partner was working, then she lost work so we got universal credit.

I started paying my ex on payment direct as I have done for the previous 3 years. Then I get a letter saying I owe nearly a thousand pound, after many threatening messages sent by them , pay within 3 days , and the other iff you do not make your payment we will take you to court and seize your assets, finally after numerous calls they finally agree that the amount is wrong and I have in fact overpaid, but it will have to go to collect and pay.
Many more calls later bank details gave to them for my refund which I never received they agree for me to pay direct payment which I am already paying for less than I’m paying but now I’m £80 in areas.
In the meantime as me paying maintenance direct, they are taking money on collect and pay through universal credit.
The whole system is a disgrace, they are incompetent, if there’s any advice? At present I am waiting yet another call from them.


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