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Changed job and the CSA messed up

I changed jobs in may 2010 and contacted the csa as required and after several phone calls I recieved a letter telling me that my weekly payments had increased from £35 to £50, great. After agreeing to continue paying by attachment to earnings I left it with the csa to sort out, which they didn’t. After four months I got made redundant, I contacted them again and was asked why I hadn’t made a payment which I explained about the attachment, I was then asked how I intended to support myself with no job, at the end of the call I was told I would get a call back ‘in the next five days‘ I didn’t, That was the last I heard.

I have worked thru an agency since but there is no garantee of work or income and trying to keep my house with my partner and my three year old son has taken priority. We came close to losing our home twice but somehow we struggle on. I am petrified that when they come demanding money again all will be lost, what then?

Even tho I don’t see this child, I do not, like some try to sherk the resposibilty of having to pay for the child I fathered, but with the cost of living and ongoing employment status every day is a struggle.

I don’t know what to do anymore.

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  1. I feel your pain. I have been in and out of work, grabbing agency work when i can for the last 18 months. I bounce from temporary contract to temporary contract (at present my pay is monthly…. contract weekly . I deal with Hastings and have had enormous problems with them keeping up, so i am about to get stung for 5 months back pay. When i report a change i give them pre warning, warning on the day and written notice. Payslips i send recorded post are lost and they tell my ex i haven`t sent them in, so she chews at me. I have magically acrued a new child that lives with me ( have expressed on 2 occasions i only have one child that the claim is for )and they have even stated that it would mean i pay less. But the child doesn`t exist ….
    Am in the process of a complaint for the handling of my claim via the data protection act. It is my belief that if i give them information on myself, they should process it responsibly , correctly, within a reasonable timeframe, correct incorrect information immediately and not disclose my information correct or incorrect without my permission. Wish me luck, they have acknoledged reciept of complaint via email and letter !!
    Hang in there is really the best advice, and good luck

  2. Further to my previous submission I contacted the CSA as I got sick of waiting for them to come back to me and spoke to a lady who was helpful for a change and didn’t make me feel like a criminal, she said that with my current earnings my payments would be about £38 a week, not brilliant but sustainable….just! she also told me that I would get a letter ‘within the next week’….that never came……I called back and was told once again that I would get a call ‘in the next five days’ Guess what…NO call, So I called back once again and asked for the bank details of the CSA and what information I needed to set up a standing order from my bank account to keep ME in some sort of control before it got out of hand, I set it up for £40 a week. two months later still nothing, I’m still waiting for My call, a letter……….but what can any of us expect from this farce of an organisation?

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