Change of jobs means CSA calculations are way off!

February 10, 2017

Since May 2016 been having real problems with the CSA, was made redundant and the CSA rang both me and my ex telling me to stop paying , I did this against my better wishes, lucky I found a new job and started 27th June 2017, I informed the CSA and they wanted payslips as prof, I sent the first one off end of July 2017, unfortunately they would not accept this ,as this was over a full months wages, middle of August 2017 I took my son on holiday for 3 weeks, so that ruled out Aug’s salary, before I went away I handed my notice in and on my return I started a new job 5th sept 2017, so September’s salary was not a full month’s either , moving on to October and November salary have been handed in ,but they are now saying I’m months in arrears , have been ringing them every week and getting nowhere to sort the problem out ex is now insisting I pay the CSA direct which will cost me another 20% , I’m more than happy to pay the arrears off if they can come back with the right figure but we are a million miles away, can’t be that different but they are making it so, it’s so difficult to work out , and now they are going back 4 years unsure while as I have always paid what they have stated, just seems never ending at present 9/2/17 they were supposed to ring again and nothing one step forward and 3 back sorry to say. help needed.